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LOG1 Boolean Modifier
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Author LOG1 Boolean Modifier
Ok, this is MONTHS away from production, if not years. The module is formed from several digital module ideas I had going round in my head which I decided to group into one module.

The LOG1 Boolean Modifier will act in different ways depending on the scenario in which it is used. Firstly, the module can be used as a sub (divide by 2) or pro (multiply by 2) oscillator. Secondly, the module will act as a pulsewidth modulator. Thirdly, offset/delay controls will make the module act as a gate delay. These functions can be used simultaneously.

Controls include Frequency Mode, Pulsewidth, Offset. All of these controls can also be modulated via a CV input. There is also a Seperate switch, which when active in Pro-Oscillator mode "bounces" each pulse between two channels. This means that complex digital waveforms can be produced using different pulsewidths and offsetting each pulse once both outputs are mixed together. When de-activated, each channel follows each pulse, thus giving the user two independent gate delays and PW modulators.

So in total, you get:
-Sub/Pro Oscillator
-2x Pulsewidth Modulators
-2x Gate Delays
which are all CV controllable for digital signal mangling.

These ideas are most likely to change as the module gets nearer to completion, but I just thought I'd throw this out there to see what people think.

MOTM/DotCom = 2U
Frac = 1U (3")
Euro = 14HP
Sounds fantastic!! I would be interested in one when it becomes available.

Also, 3" in frac would be 2 frac spaces.
excellent! Exxxcellent
pulsewidth modulation and gate delays are both used in nearly every patch
a cool utility module like a swiss pocketknife.

please multiple instances
clock in (for all inputs switchable would also rule)
Also, perhaps a banana option in Frac? I know a few people and I love the idea of more frac panels with bananas aside from bugbrand and the optional customization from metalbox.
this would be a pretty interesting module.
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