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TKB groove lock with funky EML-200!
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Author TKB groove lock with funky EML-200!
I got the TKB doing this great funky thing but then it went away!! seriously, i just don't get it thumbs up
Pockets McCoy
Woggle Bug!

I think this is the best I can do emoticon-wise to illustrate the sheer levels of FONK present in this video. I'm kind of blown away. Funkiness of the highest caliber derived from...math? What? For god's sake, keep it coming!

But uh, yeah, about that "...and then it ah...stopped doing it" part, I had actually done just that, on a pretty large scale. So I gave up after a few minutes of adjustments and now I'm here at Muff's, wallowing in the funk.

Dead Banana MY ASS IS BLEEDING d'oh! ambulance help
yah man you brought the funk but then the funk hooked up with some cute girl and slipped out the back door without anyone noticing only to resurface briefly to grab it's jacket (there were condoms in there) and then left the party all together.

I'm tired!
The FUNK! - I'S SEEN IT! Dead Banana ambulance
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