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Controlling midi in Ableton Live
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Author Controlling midi in Ableton Live
Hey guys, im using volta with a moog voyager old school.....ive managed to calbirate the moog, use the trigger and step sequencer and stuff but still cant figure out the midi..ive sent a midi track to volta but then what?? The manual doesnt say much in regards to midi and i just missing something obvious...
What type of MIDI data are you transmitting to the Volta plug-in? If it's note data, then you need a voice control source (V1 P, V1 ENV, etc.). If it's continuous controller data, then you need a MIDI control source (MIDI 1, MIDI 2, etc.). If you have a step sequencer and trigger sequencer working well and the slot with the step seq. is calibrated, remove the step seq. and trigger seq. and replace them with a voice pitch control source and voice envelope control source, respectively. Then send notes to the Volta plug-in.
U=I=O ill try that cheers....
i want to use the ableton clip based sequencing and arpeggiator
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