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Unitor 8 power cord?
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Author Unitor 8 power cord?
Can anyone point me in the direction to a unitor 8 power adapter? mine doesnt work anymore.
Doesn't it use a simple DC power adapter? (If I recall correctly, the AMT8 does, so I would expect that the Unitor models do as well.) If it does, then all you have to do is find one with the same specs: output voltage, output current, and polarity. Most devices will tolerate some variance in voltage or current, although you risk damaging the interface if you use a power supply with the wrong polarity.

For instance, if the Unitor 8 shipped with a 9VDC 0.5A power adapter, it would probably work reasonably well with a 10VDC supply if that's all you can find. Don't substitute tip positive for tip negative or vice versa unless you're absolutely certain that the interface can accept either polarity. (I have a MOTU audio interface that can use either a tip positive or tip negative power supply according to the manual.)
it worked. i tried my seagate hard-drives' powercord on it, it worked. i just need to order another one now.
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