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About $750 to spend for a newish analog
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Author About $750 to spend for a newish analog
I have a few dollars in my pocket and would like to pick up a nice analog synth/effect for the studio.

I am thinking about the following:

Sherman Filterbank 2
Baby Box Noise Generator
Rot Yr Brain
Mid-Fi Clairinot
Moog Freqbox
Pigtronix Echolution
Pigtronix Mothership
Vermona Retroverb

Any opinions of any of these? Thanks!
What are you doing?
insomniyack wrote:
Baby Box Noise Generator


Keep this 01 quiet.

I don't want everyone to know about this thing. IMO its one of the best the best of the 'david tudor' inspired noise boxes. thumbs up

Enjoy some good reading with your saturday coffee.
if you are doing Vangelis covers I think you're looking in the wrong places


The Sherman Filterbank is a beautiful thing, and it seems like it would fit in to the dirty-it-up noise interest you seem to have, having just watched your Geiger Counter video. Plus, they pop up on eBay pretty often. The demo video on the Sherman site ( should make a good case for winning you over or not.

The only other thing on your list that I have used is the Freqbox. It is a nice effect, but the Filterbank is far more versatile soundwise.

I'm making experimental ambient noise music so I want stuff that can get WEIRD hyper
thanks xart...I'm leaning towards the Baby Box cause that would still leave me money left over to get something else too.

How is the Sherman FB2 as far as a synth? Like if I just use it more like that than as an effect?
I'm making experimental ambient noise music so I want stuff that can get WEIRD

How about buying a handfull of used euro modules and a SynthCase GhettoRack? Real modulars are the glue that this forum is built on, and dude, it´s the shit Rasta-nana Euro "Standard" ftl Rasta-nana
What are you lacking in your current studio setup? The items that have been listed are hugely differing in their applications and/or feature set. Delays vs. Synthesizers vs. Filters.

Throw us a bone, dude!

Oh and Hug
insomniyack wrote:
thanks xart...I'm leaning towards the Baby Box cause that would still leave me money left over to get something else too.

How is the Sherman FB2 as far as a synth? Like if I just use it more like that than as an effect?

The Filterbank is not a synthesizer. If you turn up the resonance and the amplitude modulation it is capable of producing sound on its own, but if you are expecting it to produce anything other than a constant squeal without an outside signal you will be disappointed.

I think if you want some useful opinions you should fill us in on what sort of setup you already have. The differences between a Sherman Filterbank, Vermona Retroverb, and Pigtronix Echolution are pretty drastic and a valuable recommendation would depend very heavily upon what you already have available. Some of the things you've listed I would highly recommend in some cases and wouldn't even consider in others.
$750 would probably get you an MFB Kraftzwerg and that's a lot of weird in a small footprint. I'm not sure if you've got a modular or what all you are looking for but if you picked up one of those and then processed the audio further using stuff you already had you could do all sorts of strange things.

Shit even if you patched it up and set to moving knobs around you could get a lot of strange. Also if you take to it and want to get more modular later you've got the basics covered and you could devote all your rack space to much wilder things.
Well as far as analog I have the Voyager, MoPho, Evolver, Dimentia DM-1, Board Weevil, WMD Geiger Counter, Thumping Double Wavesnakes, and the MXR carbon copy analog delay.
That's a really nice setup I love the Evolver I have two of them in my rig those things are wonderful. I still think you should go with the Kraftzwerg it's awsome with an evolver sequencer it's almost like adding a voltage controllable breakout box to the thing. You might want to think about the Little Boy Blue synth from Flower Electronics. I've been contemplating getting one it's not as musical or varied as the Kraftzwerg but if you just want a lot of chaoss and bananajacks that could be the ticket. it's also got a signal input so you could run other instruments into it and controll it with the inbuilt envelope follower
The WMD and to some extent the Evolver and Echolution aren't analogue devices. Do you mean outboard equipment in general?

As others have said, it's really difficult making a recommendation between such vastly different devices. Do you want a delay in your setup? Then the Echolution is a very solid offering with some unique capabilities that you won't find in other delays. Are you looking for a reverb? The Retroverb is a good offering but is far from experimental ambient noise - it's much more of a standard reverb. If you are looking for a more "playable" reverb then the Ekdahl Moisturizer might fit your needs. If you're looking for a noisebox, the Flower Electronics Little Boy Blue is capable of some very unique and varied textures. You may even want to consider a Bleeplabs Thingamagoop for a cheap and unique sound generator. For a more standard synthesizer, the suggestions of the Kraftzwerg are great - the modular architecture makes for a surprisingly capable synthesizer in a small/affordable footprint, and working within modular structures can greatly expand your approach and understanding of synthesis. If you are looking for more of an all around effect that you can place after your synthesizers, then the Sherman Filterbank is a great choice. It has an enormous amount of capability and can create very unique ambience using the LFO and envelope. It can easily turn a signal into something entirely different.

I can't pick one of the above over the others however, as they all do such different things. It's not easy comparing a delay to a noise generator. In my own very personal opinion if I had your setup and had to pick one of the above, I would probably go with the Filterbank as I believe it is much more varied in application than the others. However, it really depends on what you're looking for as an end result. A filter can't do what a reverb does, and a synth can't be a delay. Sorry if that's a run around answer but it's sort of like saying "jet ski or refrigerator - which should I get?"
That Ekdahl Moisturizer is really tempting me cause it's like $250 cheaper than the Vernoma and the fact that you can TOUCH the springs is pretty experimental and pretty cool!

How would you say the sound compares to the Vernoma for JUST a vintage spring reverb effect when you aren't touching the springs? I would want to get some cool effects with the springs but I'd also like to use it as an aux send on my mixer for good old fashioned spring reverb too.

Also can the springs break after a while? Would I need to have them serviced or could I pick up replacement springs down the road?

Thanks for your help!!
Well I ordered a Little Boy Blue so I can try out the modular thing and see how I like it and I preordered the Ekdahl Moisturizer!
I can vouch for the Ekdahl Moisturizer!
I can vouch for the Ekdahl Moisturizer as well. Been having a LOT of fun with those springs.
So out of all your suggestions I picked up the LBB synth and the Ekdahl Moisturizer and I love them both!

The LBB analog synth is capable of alot of harsh and aggressive sounds and the Moisturizer is a really nice analog spring reverb unit!

Thanks for your ideas!!
I'm interested in the Ekdahl Moisturizer but the contact on the website returned a failure when last I tried.

Does anyone have a working e-mail address?

you can reach karl (ekdahl) at:
although i understand he may be unavailable for a couple months or so.
I had one on preorder and just the other day I went to and checked the new gear. I saw them listed so I bought one from them instead of waiting for the preorder. But last time I talked to Karl he said the new units are still a few months away.

It's worth the wait amazing for JUST a great analog spacey spring reverb sound and then with the added knobs and ability to touch the springs that makes it all that better! I love mine and I could listen to it for favorite reverb effect ever!

And did you ever look CLOSELY at the knobs and see what they say? Very cool!
Warm fuzzies for the Baby Box. Also check out Trogotronic stuff, perhaps wsg from musicfromouterspace (several people make these things, and their more expensive models are worth checking out also), 4ms noise swash, glamour box, drone matrix, bc8, voice of saturn
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