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Closest thing to Space Echo
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Author Closest thing to Space Echo
I really like the sound of the Space Echo and I was wondering if there are any NEW delay boxes that sound close. I am willing to spend some decent money on it.

i haven't heard one in person, but i have heard that the the boss RE-20 is a pretty good emulation.
Do you mean digital emulation or real tape?
authorless wrote:
i haven't heard one in person, but i have heard that the the boss RE-20 is a pretty good emulation.

I agree! I've heard the RE-20 and I own the RE-201, and for 200 bucks or so, it's hard to beat unless you get a real Space Echo. For most people, it's more than close enough, just doesn't emulate the flutter quite as well. But I like the fact that it has 2 pedal switches so you can automatically kick in the self-oscillate if you hold down the right pedal. So in a few instances, more performance friendly.
It can be actual tape if they even make those anymore or recreation.

I just don't want the brittle, digital sound...I want a nice warm echo...
Analogue Systems RS-290.
insomniyack wrote:
It can be actual tape if they even make those anymore or recreation.

I just don't want the brittle, digital sound...I want a nice warm echo...

Don't knock it till you try it. I think there are plenty of digital effects that sound fantastic and warm. Check out a guitar center and give it a try, as well as a Ibanez DE7. Also, what is a "decent" amount of money to you?
What do people use for a stereo reverb & delay? Are any of the old space echoes stereo in/out?
To me, a lot of the 201 sound is the dirt. Mine is gritty, has noise. It just makes everything that goes through it sound old.

I played with the re-20 pedal and thought it it was okay, but not a replacement. It was in guitar center on a shitty amp though, so who knows.

I'd go with a good analog delay with modulation first if possible. I've also had a solid amount of time on the 1st gen Diamond Memory Lane, and that is pretty good. Also noisy. But I guess I like that washed out sound on delays for the most part.
-1 on the Boss RE-20 for me.

It's "good enough" if you want it to play nice and be a standard emulation. I wanted the Space Echo fluttery self oscillation and tonal warping/degradation that goes along with it. Once you push the Boss pedal into this territory, the gain jumps up much too abruptly and the digital characteristics (the signal breaking up sounds really harsh to my ears) of the sound really come to the fore.

I sold it under financial duress, but never looked back.

I would save up for the real deal, or grab a BBD based analogue delay, as previously mentioned.
if you want to spend decent money then please do buy the originals. I'm a huge fan of the Korg Stage Echo, but the Space Echo is okay too.

BBD pedals have the grit that I usually like, and it would seem that the Malekko pedals are quite high on the list of good ones, also the Ibanez and Maxxon (sp?) are highly rated.

Note that some (many!) like the CarbonCopyClone (iirc) can't do a fully-wet signal, which makes it a no-go in a send/return config, at least for me... shame.
there are at least two companies still making tape echos, but they are both pricey.

bucket brigade delays sound totally different. i use a pair of blacet time machines, and a maxon ad-9 pro.

for reverb i use a zerotronics coolsprings le.
Babaluma wrote:
there are at least two companies still making tape echos, but they both pricey.

From what I understand, the fulltone is a really clean tape echo and sounds nothing like the 201. Ive never used one, but I heard a bunch of samples and that was the consensus when I read up before buying my 201
dougcl wrote:
What do people use for a stereo reverb & delay? ....

I was using a line6 echo pro.
the amplification in that box is crap (like all line6) so you need some amp.
it has character, the algos are good, the sound fits good in a mix, but it's nowhere near as deep as a real tape. Still you can find it in a lot of highend studio's racks.

there's also this:

edit: DOH beat me to it
Ok I think I might just spend a little and get the real deal...the 201 Space Echo!

Anything that I should look out for or be aware of? I was just going to get one from eBay.

Thanks for any help!
for a space echo it's a real gamble if you buy one sight unseen.

you want to be able to see/hear it working first if possible. check the tape path, pinch roller, and heads for crud. how does it sound? etc.

having said that, i took a gamble, got one from yahoo auction in japan, and was lucky.

i was quite surprised how low fi my re-201 sounded when i first got it, but grew to really love it. i guess that's the reason you go for a tape echo though, really nice dirt & wobble!
The RE-201 is one of the dirtier tape echos, and that is what it is known for. Not dirt as in warmth, but actual noise and dirt. I would try to play with one first if you haven't to make sure it is what you want, because there are plenty of other tape echos and some may suit you better and be slightly cheaper since space echoes are fetishized.

If you can snag an RE-201 off of eBay, I would be pretty scared as Babaluma has said. There are alot of things that could go wrong, but if you can get something at a great price I would probably jump for it, but if the motor is shit, it might cost you more money than you would have originally anticipated. I would recommend you check craigslist often, you might find a gem like I did and be able to deal with the transaction in person. Mine was practically mint and I had 5 unopened replacement cartridges for less than half the cost they usually go for.

Otherwise, if you still feel a little uncertain, you can check out Vintage King Audio, because they have a couple in stock last I remembered. I'll be honest, I am somewhat biased
seriously, i just don't get it, but you'll get a 3 month warranty and it will be fully serviced before they ship it to you. You might end up paying a little higher cost than ebay, but they would ensure that it would be working properly or they would refund your money.
Yeah I have enough distractions with making music so I don't think I need to have a vintage unit that needs alot of attention to keep up and running. I live in a small town so I pretty much just get everything online so I don't really have the chance to see a real 201 in person so I am considering the RE-20 instead. It's alot more cost effective, shouldn't require too much maintanence, and I could get a brand new one so I won't have to worry about getting a mint unit or not.

Just been listening to some samples online and doesn't sound too bad. My go-to reverb right now is a Lexicon and that's digital and sounds AMAZING so maybe I shouldn't be such an analog snob! hihi

Considering it costs about 3 or 4 times as much to get the REAL DEAL in excellent condition I think I may be better off with the newer one.

You bury it deep in a mix and it might sound pretty close to the real thing!
Just keep checking the craigslist, you might be surprised. If the space echo is in good condition, it won't need to much work. Just a bit of maintenance here and there. I would take it out to gig and I would just do routine cleaning once a month, sortof like brushing and flossing your teeth, but not as often.

Otherwise I don't think the re-20 is that bad of an option, and I've seen it in alot of member's gear pics. You'll find something you'll enjoy around that price range.
i'm very happy with my re-20. Of course I'd love a real 201 but can't afford it at the moment. Yeah it breaks up into digital mush if you hit it too hard, but be sensible with your gain structure and it's gravy. I like it better than my plugin delays too.
But that's particularly true for anything digital. If you hit the gain too hard it's always going to have that unpleasant (?) sound, where as analog always sounds fantastic regardless of how high the gain is, just different.
So as long as I keep the gain down I should have a pretty good "Space Echo" sound then right?
on the input stage yes. if you feed something into a warm preamp pre (or post) re-20 you can probably touch a bit on the over saturated tape sound of an actual re-201. It's definitely cleaner than an original 201, which is good and bad I suppose.
I found this page...pretty interesting read: vs.html
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