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Discrete Jupiter4 AM8121 LPF HPF
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Author Discrete Jupiter4 AM8121 LPF HPF
Looks like this filter was dropped from the upcoming list of filters. Is it canceled or coming along? I love the JP8 filter but this is the one I really Really want.
Development work on the AM8121 has completed (very nice sound) and I need to build a final prototype and then its into production, if enough customers request it! There are so many other modules ahead of the queue that it unfortunately didn't make the 2012 launch plan. The AM8005 and AM8012 filters will make it into production in September.

The AM8105 JX VCF and VCA is at prototype stage, along with the AM8372 Matrix 12 VCF with a rather nice vintage 7 segment LED display. These will be Limited Editions (10 or 15 modules in total). The AM8060SE needs more work on the resonance control, as it breaks into ultrasonic oscillation!
Hi Rob,

If a preorder is needed to get AM8121 into production ....
here it is.
I love the Jupiter 4 and so I will definitely take one if it is produced love

Hope you still got me (also known as roland-museum) on your list(s)
for the limited editions of AM8105 and AM4060SE,
as well as AM8005 (one each) ...
Ha. This caught my eye! Figures I started it. I'm still absolutely interested in this filter. Loving my jp8 filter but this is different.
Still interested in this filter
A number of new Roland VCF's are on the way from AMSynths:

JP04 VCF and HPF in late May
JP08 and JP06 VCF re-issues
SH07 VCF and HPF

The 8121 has been redesigned to be skiff friendly and could be re-issued before Behringer issue their 100M copies.
Excellent, Rob. I'll be checking the site daily to snatch at least the JP08 filter, and maybe some of these others too.
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