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McDSP CompressorBank!
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Author McDSP CompressorBank!
I just got the McDSP CompressorBank for $149 on ebay :shock: which comes to $174 with the ILOK transfer fee. That is a *STEAL* with the list price being $495!

Opto-C (Teletronix LA-2A Compression Mode)

S-State (UREI 1176)

Tube (Fairchild 670)

Tube 2 (Manley Variable-MU)

British (Neve 33609)

Over E-Z (dbx165)


I have been wanting these for a while, ahh finally 8)

And check this out!

Starting in 2008, McDSP will donate 1% of our annual revenue to environmental causes. Note that is 1% of our total revenue, not just profit. McDSP is a stable enough company that we can begin diversifying our revenue into several areas, and this move has been on our list for a while. Ok, we’re not Google, but we’d like to think we can help do something good for the planet.

Cool company, free plugin updates, they also offer demos for you to try them out so you can see just how cool they are!
In a sea of plugins you see this kind of excitement all the time, but these really cover a lot of ground and I suggest trying them out.
A must have for Pro Tools, in addition to the Massey plugins.

I'll get some stuff finished and post some sounds.
Wow, that's a mighty fine price you got.

I have zero RTAS/Protools exposure, so can't share in the delight over the plugins themselves.
Wow, that's a mighty fine price you got.

:shock: grin
I was almost scared to buy it because it seemed to good to be true.
He got the CB in a bundle and didn't use it, so it makes sense now.
Muff Wiggler
it is an awesome price!! i'm in the same camp as shamann, being one who has never used protools and never will, i've spent zero time looking into what the cool plugins are. but that's an awesome price for a bundle of compressors, to be sure! congrats
But you guys get the UAD and the powercore 8)
As well as lots of other high quality affordable VST's, as well as a slew of freeware.

Technically I could too, but I dont want to use a VST to RTAS wrapper.
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