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where can I buy these tools to fix my modules in their frame
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Author where can I buy these tools to fix my modules in their frame
anyone know where can I buy these set of tools conveniently, easily and the most inexpensively in the u.s. that I need to fix my modules in their frame? There are 6 pieces in total. I know some of these tools are easier to come by than some of the others but I want to get it all in 1 shot. I already went to Home Depot and Lowes and it was pretty much worthless. Some of the tools were there but not all of them. The 5.5mm wrench and socket bar are especially hard to come by here I think. I bought a frame from Hinton and I received the fixings for the modules but I need these tools to fix them in their frame. I already checked our garage and the tools are pretty much a big mess down there so I just want to go out and buy these few pieces of tools that I need. Or does anyone have any different or other solutions? A tools set that includes all of these in there already would also work. Thanks.

I need the: 1/4" hex driver, 2.0 hex driver bit, 5.5mm wrench, 5.5mm socket, extension bar, and 1/4" ratchet driver.

You need a 2mm Allen key, thats all....
You can hold the nuts with your fingers as you tighten the screws
I wouldnt worry about the McLaren Formula 1 Pit crew tools...


edit, sorry, oops I see you need to assemble the frame, I presume your frame is the same as my 8 spacer....looks the same...if they,re all hex head screws you,ll just need a selection of metric Allen keys
They ALWAYS come in handy

Are you gonna have THIS issue????
Don,t worry
I fucked up
That LONGER screw should have been elsewhere d'oh!
I havent loaded up my Hinton frame yet.....
Heres my 8 spacer and PSU
Are those Hinton frames good ol standard 19"
With 6 modules...Yes
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