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Happy holidays! Please see the year-end funding drive post in the Announcements subforum. Thanks and all my love to you beautiful people.

i just put a bunch of crap on my myspace space
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Author i just put a bunch of crap on my myspace space
i uploaded 3 incidents of synths/drums to my myspace space last night.

the tracks are "James walks in", "Go ahead tell me about your facebook", and "No thermal signature."

we recorded these on sunday. the drummer was listening to a CR-8000's "Rock 1" or "Samba 1" pattern in his headphones (i have MoreMe headphones around here for the drummers i play with) along with my stuff.

i used this stuff: JP8K, JP6->SDE330, x0xb0x (on one track driving the modular as well), Juno-6 (clocked off the trigger out of the CR-8000 on one track and the rimclick trigger output of the TR-909 on another one), and Korg Z1->DD20->H3000SE.

clock master was an MMT-8 which was also striping the machine with tempo code, in case i wanted to go back and overdub sequences or even throw my parts out altogether.

and something else:

Rubycon Part 303 - this one actually has modular on it, it's from a party in may of 2008
Listening now. Good stuff. Am typing w/one hand. Hand full of baby in other. Would type more!
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