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Stereo spring reverb and digital delay?
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Author Stereo spring reverb and digital delay?
Hi folks, I am thinking about a stand-alone stereo in/stereo out analog spring reverb and digital delay box. Recommendations? I already have a couple of Doepfer A-199's so something like this could work in a 3U case, but I don't necessarily need to go this way if there are better options. I guess this will cost $950 for the two AS modules. I have the rest. Thanks,

zerotronics coolsprings le. i think there might still be one or two left. i have one (as i believe does mono/poly), and they are fantastic.

hit them hard and you have the classic spring boing, but hit them softly with more make up gain and you have a lush, rich and diffuse sound that could put a nice plate to shame.

can be used as stereo (or mono) in/stereo out, or as two discreet mono devices.

i like experimenting with putting eq before and/or after the send/return for different sounds. the mic pre you pair them with will also affect the sound.

digital delay, don't have a lot of experience but i quite liked the roland sde-330 i had for a few months. i way prefer bbd/tape delay though.
Thanks for the suggestions.
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