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BugMail Sept2012: Final WOM event / Shows / News
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Author BugMail Sept2012: Final WOM event / Shows / News
Here's today's info-burst for anyone non-list::


The Indian Summer is here, the air has a slight chill.
List-words have been lacking from me - though you'll maybe have picked up that I now have a Twitter account (@BugBrand) for general ramblings and show announcements.
Possibly people are still curious about what the *F* happened with the planned PT Delay redevelopment.
All is discussed below:::::

***the final WOM event - at Tusk Festival, Newcastle - Saturday 6th October***
I will be holding a final Workshop Oscillator Machine session up at the wonderful Tusk Festival at the start of October. As always, limited to 15 spaces and, currently, there are only about 7 spaces remaining. The session costs a bit on top of the great-value weekend where you get to romp to people like Hieroglyphic Being in the lovely Star & Shadow Cinema.
(for reasons on why this will be the last WOM event, see general ethos discussion further down the email..)

***Shows in September and beyond***
I've been playing more & greatly enjoying the refocus.
A couple imminent at The Cube Bristol:
- (this coming) Sunday 9th Sept - Amalgam 8 1/2 - live collaborations -
- (the following) Friday 14th Sept - Slo-Mo Night #5 - soundtracking slow motion videos -

Currently drawing in the details for a tour (modular shows + demos + talks) of Sweden & a quick pop up to Norway in the middle of October (Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo, Malmo) - it will be wonderful to get back to Scandinavia, play and meet some of the many bug-users up around those parts!

***Standalone Devices***
So, yes, quite lacking in progress.. Life and the modular focus have kept me distant from the Standalones. Earlier in the year I kept on saying that the PT Delay would re-emerge with some changes - I delved deep, went through quite a few prototypes, but never got to a point where I was quite happy and I'll never rush to release something I am not comfortable with. As such, the project has sat unloved now for a few months while I continue with other focuses. Will it return? I can not say 100% but I think you know a bit how I work - in all likelihood it will sometime, but I make no promises as yet.
However, I have decided to do one final batch of the MicroCrushers - stay tuned - expected in around 1 month.
The BoardWeevil2012s have been trickling out over the year and I'm now down to the final c.15 units - once these are gone the Weevils will likely go back to sleep for some (undefined) time.

Are there more ideas? Yes, of course! But ideas are (relatively) easy, while bringing them properly to fruition is a much more involved task. Getting back to playing again gives me renewed focus & desires for device development.

In essence, I like to push forwards(/sideways), to engage with life and to move - while there is a place for repetition, I also continue to learn and develop (ha, sometimes it is barely perceptible!) - that is why, for example, I want to arrive at a new Workshop Event design. The 'feel' is also very important to me - the way I run the modular sales & development, which may seem restrictive to those outside the core group, is close and personal and that is how I like to approach the many facets of life. I know it is possible and I know it is deeply satisfying. I do not want to purely be an engineer, nor do I purely want to be a musician. All is a rolling play fight and I am happy this way.

That is me.
With smiles & best wishes,
Welp, this post settled it, Tom! After happily fondling an 06(?) Weevil years ago, I made the plunge.

Joy of joys! Looks like only musicy-boxes come to me overseas.

Last time, a harmonium from India. This time a BoardWeevil. Distant cousins, I think.
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