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Firmware update for all Alyseum products
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Author Firmware update for all Alyseum products
The CopperLan package will get a major update soon.
The good news for Alyseum products users is the addition of many new features.
Among these there will be the capability of upgrading all Alyseum products automatically from the web by a simple click.

More specifically, with this update, the MS-812 will become compliant with forthcoming hardware products an software applications and will be able to handle new features in the clock and gate domains.

It is wiser to update your MS-812 now so that the next updates will be automated and trouble free.

The upgrade package and its detailed manual are avalable now:Alyseum download

link goes to 404. Please send new link
Sloth Boss
Can anyone provide me with Record firmware v2.2?

Company has been unresponsive for the last few days since I got my module, and I need to determine whether it's broken.
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