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Why do I get a big BOOOING when I zero transport w. Volta?
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Author Why do I get a big BOOOING when I zero transport w. Volta?
Bath House
Stretta, others - I love Volta and have been using it in the creation of a record for the past two months.

One thing that confuses and irritates me, though, is that Volta seems to send a maximum voltage spike output whenever I hit "0" to reset my DAW's transport to the beginning of my project.

For example, I'm currently laying down a kick sound with a volta voice, using the Voice's envelope to trigger a sine oscillator and VCA in my modular into a pitched kick drum sound. Yet whenever I reset the transport to the beginning of my project, the voice envelope seems to trigger and fire off the maximum voltage output - resulting in a loud triggering of the sound I'm working with.

I'm running Volta in Logic, for what it's worth. Is this a quirk of Volta, or of Logic? I'll often double-tap the 0 on my keyboard to reset...I wonder if I'm making Logic send out some sort of "reset" to everything, which somehow provokes Volta to do this.
Logic instructs all Audio Units to reset when the transport is reset (though the Audio Units can of course choose to ignore this). The idea being that if you have say a delay or reverb plug-in, you don't want the delay tail from half way through the song ringing on when you start your track from the beginning.

No idea why that would cause Volta to trigger though.
I'd be interested to see what the signal from the interface output looks like when you use the return-to-zero button compared to the envelope signal when you're playing back the sequence. If you have a newer MOTU FireWire interface, you can use its oscilloscope set to trigger at a given threshold and then take a screenshot.
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