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5U cabinet build
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Author 5U cabinet build
I have more or less wrapped up the build of my cabinet, and decided that now was time to share in a hope to entertain, perhaps inform, and possibly give someone the opportunity to tell me to hold up before I begin loading it up with modules.

I wanted something for studio use, yet of a size that I could move if need be without calling in reinforcements. Of all the searching I did (and it was a good deal) on designs I kept coming back to Dave Bradley's synth of doom, but was concerned that I might need a team of sherpas to move it once loaded. I finally came upon the idea of cutting the thing in half, and putting a second cabinet above it when necessary. Dave was very helpful and didn't mind me biting his design, and even offered some measurements from his cabinet to help me out.

This was an interesting journey for me and started with learning how to use my borrowed router, but all went well outside of a few small mishaps. I found a 9'x16" length of wormy red oak from a local woodmonger, and managed to get everything I needed out of that single piece. Tools used were pretty basic, a circular saw and fence, hand held router, drill, clamps, squares and lots of sand paper. I made rebate joints as I couldn't figure out how to make a jig that would work without having the router mounted to a table.

Once I had my plans laid out, wood cut, sanded and dry fit my pieces, I glued in multiple stages as I was afraid of the glue drying out on me as I went. In hindsight I probably could have done several of these steps together.

First was gluing the back lip that would house the power i/o.

Next the sides.

The lower front.

Lip that will hold the lower rail.

I used standard 18U rack rails and bolted brackets on the ends to secure them to the cabinet. This is one laying on the top piece. A note to those who might try using standard rails, the PBC on my Oakley ADSR was too tall for the panel to reach the mounting holes in the rails, so I had to grind about an 1/8" off of the lip of the rails to be used for the top of each section.

And the top.

This was the wood I had left over. I don't think I could have stretched this board much further.

A few coats of tung oil and I started mounting the hardware.

Power is more or less set up here. You can see the IEC/power switch, fuses of the +-15V and +5v supplies, a pair of posts for grounding external equipment, and the connection to power a future top cabinet. I ran the sensing terminals to the terminal blocks rather than wiring them back on the supply itself (although I'm thinking perhaps I should have connected them to the other end of the 990).

Rails added and grounded.

And that is pretty much it. Finished weight comes in at 48lbs even. I'll probably add a MOTM-960 or some other distro board, but the 990 will get me by for now. And a few pics in daylight.

After some back and forth I decided to beef up the top joints if for nothing more than peace of mind.

I look forward to getting some modules in here and joining in on the fun. This site and community has been a great resource. There is no way I would have reached this point without Muff and his merry band of wigglers.

Thank you.
Beautiful! Great Work!
Very very excellent! Thanks for sharing your beautiful job!
Ken MacBeth
That's a damn nice cabinet! Great work hihi
cabinet is my next step now
Well done and documentated.
I also like the extra plugg for power on the back!
Very nice! Love the look.
SlayerBadger! applause
thumbs up
congrats on a job well done!
Excellent job - look forward to more photos when you have stuffed it!
tony d
Awesome case !! Can't wait to see it filled hyper
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