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Minimal live technoey bits with modular :)
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Author Minimal live technoey bits with modular :)
Another four-voice piece, done live with the aid of my new a-152.
Basically I did a nice shuffled beat using an LFO and a trigger delay, and used that to clock the a-152, which in turn triggers four envelopes going to the QMMG.

The QMMG is being fed a bunch of oscillators and a noise source, so they're in effect four full voices that can be turned up as I go. Large amount of "random->slew" on this, as well as a modulated BugBrand delay for the pad voice.
this one is also a simple sequence done with the a-152. A big drum and 3 other voices, all multi-tracked into Ableton Live 8 and a bit of the old pan/reverb/delay schtuff added. All one take, and this one abuses a PLL a bit, so it's bound to be good, right?

hope ya like!
really good tracks. scallywag has great drive, and I like the creepy vibe of scan lines.
yeah, scan lines it really rad. liked scallywag too.
Nice stuff, Wetterberg. Thanks for the upload.
cool stuff wetterburg

the first one has a green velvet kind of vibe to it
love it
cheers chaps!
Cool tracks! The low bass sounds in Scallywag are tremendous and the drive, as rezzn8r said, is great! Scan Lines is unsettling and full of appealing sounds.
tony d
Nice tracks.Love the noise rush's in scallywag, and scan lines is just cool all around.
any other tunes you may have posted for the public ?
Cheers Tony!
Other tracks? Sure, have a browse through here:;O=D
- some are more demoey, most are full-on releases. Drop me a PM if you want some of this in higher quality, too, but most are well-made mp3s.

@cebec: cheers, esp. about the "drive" - that was the main emphasis of the patch - the swing is *nearly* where I wanted it, but these a-162 settings are so wide, it was hard to get the right millisecond-timing going for me hmmm..... Expect more stumbly, pumped beats from this box!
wicked stuff! Love the bendy sounds on scallywag

& the only thing better than 1 PLL is 2!! screaming goo yo
Rad! screaming goo yo
tony d
Thanks for the link wetterbug! Damn you got alot of stuff up there.
Thanks again for sharing.
Mr White
kinda scary, I like it! thumbs up
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