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PatchPad - module reference / patch editor / panel mapper
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Author PatchPad - module reference / patch editor / panel mapper
a scanner darkly
Posting this in the RackPlanner forum for now as the main goal for this thread is to provide a context for the proposed module panel definition schema. (I will ask to move this or will create a new thread in the General Discussion forum once the proposed schema is finalized, but if you have any feedback on the app itself that would be greatly appreciated, of course!).

Important note: like many others I'm looking forward to RichyHo's Multi-Format Rack Planner which I think will be a game changer for the modular community. I want to make sure that any discussion here does not get in the way of Rich developing his project, and if he decides to use a different format then I would simply use that format instead. Also, I've been keeping Rich up-to-date on my development and my hope is that PatchPad will benefit his planner nicely.

Thread with proposed schema changes is here:
Thread on RichyHo Multi-Format Rack Planner is here:

Okay, now let me introduce PatchPad!
PatchPad is an application that is intended as a sketch pad for writing down patches (or documenting patch ideas) and as a reference tool for modules. It will have 3 different modes (switchable at any time):

- REFERENCE MODE - viewing modules with descriptions of all the controls, ins and outs, useful tips, which way to plug the power, what voltage it expects / outputs, what different jumpers and trimmers do etc etc

- PATCH MODE - a simple editor to view / edit / store patches

- MAP MODE - creating panel definition / reference for new modules

What is it not? It's not a rack planner application. The idea is to have a patch sketch pad and a reference tool. It will not show full rack but it will display up to 4 modules and their connections.

There will be a "slide show" mode so you can recreate patches in a step by step process. It will also have a special "print" view that would automatically convert module maps or patches to outlines - could be useful for printing cheat sheets, for instance. Or you could save them as images or PDF files.

My goal is to release the app for free once I have all the modes implemented. At this point I have map mode pretty much complete (pending schema changes), including the print view, and will start working on reference and patch modes soon.

And here are some ideas for future development (some might be in a more
distant future than others):

- Support for mapping the opposite side (to mark power polarity/jumpers/ trimmers)
- A simple browser plugin version that would visualize but not edit
- Tablet app versions
- Sound integration - link sound files / soundcloud & bandcamp links
- Collaboration mode - connect patchpads via network
- Patch conversion - automatically re-mapping patch to similar modules (to match the modules you have)
- Twitter patch format - condensed format to allow tweeting patches
- Tagging patches for easier library search
- Patch variations (base patch and different variations)
- Module usage report (list of modules and number of times each is used in selected patches)
- Bananafication feature wink (but seriously - a feature to add local modifications to panel layout, including automatic bananafication)

The attached version will expire on December 31st - since this is still a work in progress and the format itself might change. I will keep updating it here though so check this thread for latest working version.

To run simply download the file and rename the extension from zip to jar.
Make sure to read the readme.txt document for some useful tips on using the map mode.
IMPORTANT: if nothing happens when you run the jar make sure to install the latest Java from even if it says you already have the latest version.

Bigger version
Screenshot with the module image - see if you can guess the module before clicking! :-)
a scanner darkly
Here is an example of panel.xml to play with.
Save and unzip the attachment and open with PatchPad.
Dr. Sketch-n-Etch
This is really cool, scanner! Thanks for demonstrating it for us at today's Vancouver Synthesis coffee klatch. (Too much cool stuff happening at once!) I'm going to try and give it a play. Maybe I'll try mapping my own 5U modules.
this was another highlight from yesterday..... here's to hoping it takes off!!

thumbs up thumbs up

Doc's 5U wavefolder needs a thread too! or at least a post in that diy thread.

thumbs up applause
a scanner darkly
Thanks guys!

I've been also thinking about your question about using it for panel design - that's an interesting idea, probably as a separate app but a lot of the code would be reusable.
John Noble
I am a slow PM responder lately. Dead Banana

Whoah, that's really ambitious! applause thumbs up This is fun! It's peanut butter jelly time!
oh yeah that too!!!!

if that were to happen, you could do a thread in the diy section i suppose. hmmm.....
a scanner darkly
John Noble wrote:
Whoah, that's really ambitious!

Actually really trying to keep the scope to very minimal practical subset at this point smile

I think that there are some really useful practical use cases for eurorackdb here though, so wanted you to take a look early. One thing I had in mind was - I could write a stand alone app that would generate static image files based on module panel definitions that could then be hosted on eurorackdb.
a scanner darkly
Moog$FooL$ wrote:
oh yeah that too!!!!

if that were to happen, you could do a thread in the diy section i suppose. hmmm.....

Will keep that in mind, realistically it will be a while before I get to that point. I need to finish the reference / patch editor functionality before I can tackle anything else, but it does sound like an interesting idea. We should chat about it some more at the next meet!
a scanner darkly
Looks like you need to have the latest Java installed in order to run the app.

If nothing happens when you run the jar make sure to install the latest Java from even if it says you already have the latest version.
a scanner darkly
Uploaded new version (expires Oct 30th):

- Export to PDF and PNG formats added
- A minor bug fixed where large images didn't get rescaled properly.

PDF export doesn't support dimmed images yet but that's a minor thing, will fix it later. More importantly it's vector (except for the module image, of course) so it will scale well for any resolution.

Also attaching another example of a defined module (E340), the zip includes PNG and PDF files that were generated automatically with export (PDF is also attached separately so you can see what it looks like without downloading the whole thing).
a scanner darkly
New beta uploaded (expires Dec 31st). Nothing new added, just changed the expiration date in case anybody's using it.

I'm considering taking this in a different direction or possibly scrapping it altogether due to little feedback and some of functionality covered by all the latest planners.
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