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Macintosh for studio editing requirements?
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Author Macintosh for studio editing requirements?
b3nsf wrote:

cool I think I have the older version of that one, when they first went laser and wireless, I might just plug this baby back in to the mac and see if it doesn't take a few pegs of mightiness out of the apple mouse.... thumbs up

I don't think you'll turn back to Apple's garbage after you get one. The battery lasts forever (I've had mine for 3 months and charged it 4 times), it's a perfect fit, at least in my hand, and it has tons of useful functionality. The scroll wheel is even motorized - you'll see what I mean when/if you get one. It's an awesome feature.
panda30y wrote:
bf wrote:

I love my expert mice.
at work, at home, so much faster than a mouse and no sore wrist!
I have a 2.4 Ghx MacbookPro, no problems recording 10 tracks at once, but I don't use many plugins anymore so your mileahge may vary, but I don't see why a macmini couldn't handle 8-10 tracks, especially if it's an intel dual core CPU.

As for mice, I love my Wacom tablet, but it does take up quite a bit of space. One of these Cintiqs would be freakin awesome, but a hell of a lot more than i wanna spend on a screen and a pointing device, but there is pressure sensitivity (I think 1024 levels of sensitivity), only if it were out lemur.
I'm leaning now toward a decent iMac, mostly because the mini has little in the way of upgrade path (I don't need 8GB of RAM, but what if I want it in the future?) and some nicer specs. Probably about to spend money on things I don't especially need, but hey, I'm on a modular forum! hyper
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