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Happy holidays! Please see the year-end funding drive post in the Announcements subforum. Thanks and all my love to you beautiful people.

Richard Lainhart Performing in "A Crimson Grail"
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Author Richard Lainhart Performing in "A Crimson Grail"
Friends: I'm pleased and proud to announce that I've been chosen to be one of 200 electric guitarists performing in the premiere of Rhys Chatham's "A Crimson Grail 2009" at Lincoln Center's Damrosch Park Bandshell in New York City on Saturday, August 8 at 7:30 PM.

For more information:

An excellent New York Times article about the work:

The concert is free and open to all. I hope to see you there for what promises to be an historic event!

Excellent HD video and high-quality audio from "A Crimson Grail", August 8, 2009, Lincoln Center Damrosch Park, NYC



Village Voice Review:
Soy Sos
Jeez, it's freeking huge! How was the experience for you?
It was absolutely transcendent, one of the great musical experiences of my life. The final 10 minutes, with everyone pounding away with all their hearts, was ecstatic. The audience thought so too.
cool stuff richard
remnds me of ben frost
Wow, very awesome! hyper

I'm reminded of a much smaller private event I took part of in high school. Myself and 3 other drummer friends (oddly enough all named Don except me! Don Hill, Don Gaines and Don Tangora) set up our drumsets in Don G's basement and jammed for 2 or 3 hours. The main thing I remember was this amazing moment where we all started playing fairly fast 16th notes on our lowest floor toms for several minutes! I guess you had to be there but it was the most amazing thing!

Thanks for the links, Richard and congrats on being a part of it!
oh man... I just wept a little oops

shit, that felt visceral even on crummy youtube!!! woah
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