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US & European threads - sorry basic question
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Author US & European threads - sorry basic question
I've just got myself a Samson equipment rack.

The "manual" makes great play of it being able to be contructed with either US or European threads and supplies 2 sets of screws.

ok, I'll admit I have no idea what difference it makes. Most of the stuff I have to rack is from the US, ie Blacet and Wiard rack frames..but there are other items too.

Anyone enlighten me on what would be the downside of picking the wrong one? The european ones are black so cosmetically they would be my choice.
i have a samson 16ru metal rack also

i used the black screws because i am frac 8_)

not sure if it's because of the size of the blacet racks, but i found that about every 3rd screw did not fit properly, so i used some other black US screws to just kinda hold them in there. it works fine. it's quite possible that I used the euro screws in the US side of the rails. but i think I checked. i can't remember.

seems like a good basic rack. i mounted distro boards on the inside walls.
also mounted 3 blacet power supplies to the bottom sides. got a 3RU blank panel and stuck a power board/surge protector to it. cut a bit off the corner and run the power lead out. filled the back with some black blank panels.

thanks. I see it talks about "knock out" again no idea what that is but haven't looked at it yet.

I've got the 21U one..I have some rack effects I'll be adding to the 5 frac racks..I'll probably get another for the new blue tower too.
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