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Serge Sequencer A
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Author Serge Sequencer A
Hi Joe here. I have a question about the sequencer A...

Can it be triggered or gated by an external source that is not a Midi/CV converter? Now I know I could use any analog keyboard or drum machine...Which I don't have...I have a Nord G2 and I was wondering if there is a way to synthesize something that might work like a gate sequencer in the Nord and send the audio out to trigger the sequencer of the Sequencer A? Hope this makes sense...

An envelope follower with a gate/trigger out would likely work. If you want to buy a second M-odule, that would mean the Audio Interface. razz But if you have other modular gear I'm sure any follower would work.

Unless of course the G2's outputs will spit out DC... maybe you could get some sort of gate signal going out then. A knowledgeable G2 user would have to chime in for that.

It is possible though! MIDI be damned! nanners
"MIDI be damned!"

AGREED! 100% hihi

I'll be getting the Creature and the Sequencer A, so I might just experiment until I get it right ( and then post my findings )...

Hi Joe! Welcome!

Yes, I'm pretty sure you can do this with a G2. I think I had to amplify the signal before it hit the G2's output, though.

I have a patch I can post or send you later that I used to clock the Serge with the G2.

An envelope follower or comparator would work, too, like parasitk said, so you can use the TGO, SSG, or TGC (in either of your M-odules) to extract a gate.
Hi Cebec! Thanks for the info and yes if you could send a patch that would be great thumbs up

Also I love your stuff...We are "friends" on virb I think? But check out my newer stuff at...

Thanks, Joe, I appreciate that! screaming goo yo

I will check out your page and also send you the patch tonight.
Hi Joe,

I always trigger my TGO right side gate input with audio, It will trigger once the volume is loud enough... and treble triggers better than bass, I noticed.. 8_)
It's been a long time since I had my G2, but I do remember that you could patch any clock signal to one of the outputs and you would hear the "clicks" of the pulses as a result. Thus, you should be able to patch any gate/trigger/etc source from the G2 into the Serge trigger/pulse inputs.

FWIW, the signal *may* need a little gain after it comes out of the G2 to trigger the Serge, but it might work without any additional adjustment. A full line level pulse is a fairly hot signal.
Thanks everyone for the info!...

Now I'm VERY excited about the combo...


b3nsf wrote:
and treble triggers better than bass, I noticed..

I have noticed this as well driving my 3U from an MPC click (very differant set-up I know) but this has led me to believe that clock pulses do not need to be DC to work & the most you should need from the G2 would be a little gain.

I seem to recall my Micro put out a fair bit of juice so you should be good to go, just save a little 'Serge Patch' once you've tweaked a nice click.

Pretty sure I've seen an epic dotcom system working hand in glove with a G2 somewhere on the hinterweb, where the G2 was acting as a digital brain for an analog nervous system.

chorus7 wrote:
Now I'm VERY excited about the combo...

& with good cause thumbs up
Joe, here's the patch I used -- I can't test it but it's basic and should work. Have fun!
I enjoyed your tracks, too. I look forward to hearing what you do with the new Serge stuff.
Thank you Cebec!...I'll try it out as as I can.

Again everyone many thanks!... hihi

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