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Me likey
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Author Me likey

Digital *helps* analog, instead of replace smile Good concept

ps. That cat (in the top corner) is spying on me!..... haha
Muff Wiggler
super good concept - as far as i know the oscillators use a similar concept - they are analog osc's, but they are kept stable via digital monitoring and control

it's a great idea 8)
Chuck E. Jesus
i think they went in the right direction with that one...i fondly recall my old Prodigy, it had the best osc sync and badass bass sounds, and the "LP" seems to have that simple good mooginess going on
Muff Wiggler
ooooh the prodigy did AWESOME bass!!! i'm jealous dude

do you still have it?
Man... I've been thinking about picking up a mono axe again... I used to have a Pro-1 and a Future Retro 777... sold both to build up my modular and honestly... I like patching up the modular for efx and insane noise modulated sequences... sucks when you have to break all that down just to do a simple bass patch and such...

Little Phatty , MEK, or Roland SH-101.. hehe smile
I still cant get excited about the Little Phatty, The interface doesnt look appealing, and for some reason nothing about that synth excites me.

Plus 1 on the evolver though.
Definitly to coolest synth to come out in years.
Chuck E. Jesus
i played around with the LP at Sam Ash and i liked it quite a bit...easy to program, and great sound....just a good overall feel...
I'm really curious to see what the final X-Factor from Macbeth turns into.... there's a serious lack of new non-preset monosynths on the market and while I love me some classics (101, etc) I really can't justify buying any more vintage gear, the cost and upkeep and lack of support overall is starting to daunt me.

You'll have to pry my CS-15 and SH-101 from my cold dead hands, but I would KILL for a keyboard monosynth manufactured today, and I DON'T want any presets/lcd's etc. One knob/slider for every function, 2-3 oscs, interesting mod routings, and tons of CV/external input/output....

Unless I'm completely missing something?

I have a Monoevolver keyboard and love it to death, but I still think there's tons of room for a proper monosynth market.....

On a complete tear of a ramble here, I've talked to some buddies before about doing a keyboard/case with a mini-modular setup (basically a monosynth without the synth, but with a power supply and a permanently wired CV panel) where you take the keyboard, drop in your modules, and voila! Instant monosynth - probably eurorack or similar small format to keep the weight down and the module count respectable... one day I'll need to figure out how to build it. Could just take an old midi controller, strip the housing, reseat it in a wood/aluminum housing and build it from there......
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