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New Buchla Modules!!
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Author New Buchla Modules!!
I guess that's why the site was down! There's 2 new modules that I know of plus an additional cabinet I think.
The 207e is a combo mixer/panner/envelope follower.
The 259e is back as the Twisted Waveform Generator!!

It looks like there's also a new controller that is the same shape as the 222e. This is very exciting!!!
I wrote that all in a huff! It appears that there is no new controller, only a new housing for the kinesthetic input port (222e). Still really great stuff. The 259e is virtually the same as the old 259e except for an added feature which you should go to the Buchla site to read about. The 207e is a real workhorse of a module. It's almost like a mini 227e. It looks amazing and even has an XLR input on it! From what I remember from reading it so fast while excited, there's not a lot of patch storage capabilities on this one. Here's the official word:

"The top section is the same as the mixer model 206e, but the bottom section (formerly a preset manager) has been replaced by a microphone preamplifier.

The top consists of a six input, two output mixer with controls for level and stereo location. Two of the locations can be voltage controlled; the remaining four can be continuously panned. VU meters monitor the output levels.

The preamplifier accommodates a wide range of input levels and provides phantom power to those mikes that need it. LED’s indicate the output level and an envelope follower output is provided.

The microphone gain and the headset level are not stored as part of a preset. All other settings can be stored with the aid of a 206e or a 225e preset manager."
Being discussed already here:

But anyway, yeah the new stuff looks great and I'm in the process of ordering a 207e myself.
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