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Author INM!
Picked up dubchild's, also in California, so it didn't cross borders at least on this pass. I've got some new tricks to try out next chance I get...
OK, cool. Keep me posted!
Just bumping up this thread, as from today I am the happy owner of a INM too smile

Got it from the bay, it was packed with transparent foil termosealed around it - just wanted to know if this is the way FoH was shipping it or it was just
repacked by the seller. One of the knob falls off (not tight enough around
the pot), but can be fixed in minutes with an additional layer of tape.

Now I have to find either a replacement power supply or an adapter from
AU connectors to CH razz

Tonight I will hook it up, will steal one of those adapters from the office and
check it out smile

I'm hoping this thread can be brought back to life for a moment...(my first post in years, if not ever...thanks in advance for any help!)

I've been experimenting with using Silent Way to control my INM, which for one reason and another I haven't used for a couple of years.

Calibrating the VCO was fairly straightforward, but I can't figure out how to fire the INM's VCAs using a gate or envelope signal from SilentWay (I'm using the Voice Controller). Essentially, all I can get from the INM is a drone whose pitch I can control.

My memory may be faulty here but...shouldn't this be possible? Any ideas welcome on what I'm doing wrong...thanks.
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