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which is more beneficial 2 waveformcitys or 1 wc and 1 CVCO?
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Author which is more beneficial 2 waveformcitys or 1 wc and 1 CVCO?
Hi. Which is more beneficial (in functionality/interesting timbres & possibilities), 2 Waveform City modules or 1 Waveform City and 1 Classic VCO? I'm building up a 6-module system (for now) and was originally thinking about 1 Waveform City and 1 Classic VCO (I guess just to have more of a "variety" of modules) but now that I have a Waveform City am thinking about possibly adding another one. Would be interested in others' opinions and perspectives. Thanks.
I love these sorts of questions, because to properly answer, I should have spent considerable time with two separate 300 systems, one with CVCO and WFC, and one with 2xWFC. However, my only experience is with the system I have, which is a "one of each" system (in fact, it is one of each module currently available. I still wonder if I should have special ordered or otherwise hunted down an Omni filter, but that is another question).

The best I can say is that having one of each is terrific! Also, if you enjoy PWM (which I do) then you need the CVCO. Interestingly, I was not as aware as I ought to have been of the different timbral characteristics of different pulse widths. If you look over to my avatar, you can see a bit of it (you'd see more if I had been more patient in extracting data from my 'scope, there were supposed to be 8 Gifs in there, not just three).

But it's your life, live it the way you want to!
Only you can decide this. From my viewpointr the pros of a 2nd WC are that you can have 1 x quantiser and 1 x waveshaperat the same time, you can have 2 of the same waveshape beating against each other which can sound nice. The pros of a CVCO are that you gain a 2-into-1 mixer in front of the VCA, the noise/random volt generator and a pulse/PWM waveform. I would personally buy a CVCO, in fact I did this, but then I bought a second WC as well so....
tricky. For me pulse wave was important so I originally went for 1 classic and one WC.

Now I've expanded I have two of each and I find myself generally using WC and CVCO equally
hmmm... sounds like the general feeling is towards the classic vco. I think I might still consider a 2nd waveform city at first though. there are some things on the website and in the manual that make having 2 waveform city's working together sound interesting. Plus I know the waveform city has a lot if not most of the classic vco functions already. The Waveform city has ways of producing or emulating some of the mentioned functions of the classic vco, such as pulse width and noise. I'm thinking 2 waveform city's, even working alone together, sounds pretty interesting to me. Once I fill up my 6-module space case then I'll probably get a Classic VCO next if I want to expand. Thanks a lot for your help, fellows! Would still be interested in hearing more opinions and perspectives out there.
re the pulse, I tend to use it two ways -

as a gate in which case as you say you duplicate that with bank 6 (from memory)

if you want classic audio PWM I haven't found it by using the WC - it's gorgeous on the Classic. (also in some ways it can be more effective as a gate if you are making gradual rather than quantised changes which sometimes give glitch effects as it changes mid gate if you are using say an LFO to shift waves - I often use the sequantiser to sync the main evenvelope gate with a specific wave).
Roycie Roller
i had 1 CVCO & 1 Waveform City in a 5 module system and ended up really falling for the lo-fi beauty of the WC's waveforms.
while there was always a place for the CVCO, i began dreaming of the possibilities of 2 Waveform Cities (but also having 2 Mixolators to really go places...)
i'd choose 2 WC's over 1 of each today.

what sounds are you hearing? ie. what sounds do you want to make?

the analogue vco will be different in a cross-modulating patch, but you have half of one in the WC ýou have anyway.

i try to forget thinking in terms of functions with the Wiard, and think in sounds. in that sense, 2 WC's would be endless dont you think?

an envelator can be used for pulses & perhaps even for pseudo pwm at audio rates as well.
I have one of each in my system, and love that setup. Honestly, you'd be quite happy with either configuration. Personally, I like having lots of variety, that's why I went with one of each. I also like having the LIN FM attenuator on the CVCO, although there are workarounds for achieving the same thing on the WC.
If I had to choose, or I was doing it all over again I'd have one of each before considering adding another Waveform City.
+1 for starting with one of each. That gives the most general set of options to explore before deciding on what else you want or need.

I went completely overboard of course. Playing with Dynamic Depth FM on the CVCO is what led me to the ZOWI; playing with the WFC at LFO rates is what has me working on a dual Synthtech E350. So I added in Linear FM and "moar wavetables" through the custom route. Jury's still out on whether that was smarter or dumber than just adding 3 more Wiard modules.

When the chance arose, though, I jumped on a used CVCO to add to the mix.
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