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Allen Strange pdf anyone?!
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Author Allen Strange pdf anyone?!
nevermind ill buy it...
I believe (not sure) that this book is still protected under copyrights. The link to the downloadable version was provided in the prior thread and it is rather inexpensive for what it is.

I'm not trying to be a dick. I'm an old git that is still sensitive about the 'everything is free on thar intarwebs' mentality... But that also makes me a hypocrite. However, asking for it in public on a forum is a touch over-the-top.
But then again, nobody asked me so I'll just go slide quietly into my crypt now.
seriously, i just don't get it
sorry... i didnt know it was kind of a big deal
i thought i could save a few bucks and learn since money is not exactly raining over here, no biggie ill buy it any chance i get then i dont want to get in any legal problems for my thirsth of knowledge.
computer controlled
Is the physical book still available?
secondhand, yes.
computer controlled
Meh, this is the book that sells for FAR TOO MUCH money. I'll wait to find one at Half Priced Books =o]

please read my post in the other thread you started:

thank you

i read the terms and conditions
this wont happen again waah
You can buy it online as a PDF for around $15.


Never mind, I see in that other thread the link was mentioned.
Found a copy that a local library was selling. As a bonus they had it bound as a hard cover. It is out there, and not at the wild prices found on the net.
Soy Sos
Don't worry about it Charlietron,
it's a great book. Make sure you check the 2nd edition. Also. welcome to the forum. There's a ton of great information and opinions here. Hardly any dickhead-ery either!
tony d
Yeah keep your eyes open. i found a copy in great shape half a year ago for $3.00
have it hyper
thanks for all the kind words
proceed with caution, the PDF is fucking horrible and IMO a rip off. Its badly scanned and you need some shitassed microsoft password (which i lost in a system crash) to open the bloody thing. Even Allen Strange didn't quite understand how it all worked (i wonder if he got paid?)

I bought a hardcopy for £20 eventually and I'm glad a did, but as far as I'm concerned the publishers stole the cost of the Pdf from me, of cousre no returns of PDFs, not even protected ones - huh? - two faced bullshit.

of course I'm not recommending anyone should scan and distribute it free online to punish the publishers for shitty service. It would be illegal.

randomly, i studied independently with allen strange for a couple years while in film school in sf. cool guy, he hooked me up with my namesake Xpander for cheap.
Muff Wiggler
While it's a totally different book, if people are interested I can post the Buchla Music Easel manual, which is *extremely* interesting and a great learning resource.

I can do this as the copyright notice that comes with the book encourages everyone to use "any and all means available" to copy and distribute the material.

Which is awesome.

In regards to copyright, I do appreciate everyone's understanding and cooperation with the forum's policies on the matter. While it may seem harmless to some people, please understand that ultimately this forum could be shut down if it is used to circumvent laws, and if I do not publish and then uphold a policy on these things, I can also be held responsible - I can't afford to get into that sort of thing in the process of offering you all this forum, and I hope you all understand that.

Also on a different level I do believe in copyright protection for those content developers who seek to protect it, the company I co-founded made all of our (little) money through licensing of intellectual property, and if we had no protection in these matters we would not be able to maintain a livlihood nor continue to develop our offerings - so it's a personal thing for me as well, but as far as the forum is concerned my personal opinions don't matter - it's the legal 'letter of the law' I need to respect in order to offer you all this place to hang out.

thanks again & cheers
I would LOVE to see the music easil manual Muff

and i have a crispy one hundred euros for anyone who wants to sell me a music easel too. It's a old synth now and not worth more now we have these great software synths This is fun! .

seriously, would love to read that, apart from the Strange book almost everything I've read has been more conventional east coast in thinking.

who wrote it? surely not Don hisself?

allen strange wrote it, i have a copy too, it's excellent, and i have a large copy of the cover printed out and hanging on the wall beside my modular, it is fantastic!
Muff -

Yes, please do. That would be a cool thing to read thumbs up
Scott Stites
In the meantime before the Muffupload, it's here:

Been dying to post that, but I was a-scared of the copyright thing...
sorry i didnt think of the whole law shutting down this great great grrrrrrrrreat (tony the tiger impression thanks....) forum which i dont want to and i dont want mr muff getting in trouble SOOO ...
since the day kent cyberslapped me in the face for asking for the pdf i swore that if i dont pay for a book from now on my balls will shrivle and fall like dry proons, served in a bowl with lots of cereal and i will ask someone to forcefeed them to me k?

ill buy my books
i love buying books
i love to read books that i bought
pdf´s suck
so is asking for them in the interweb (got it)
this will never happen ever again for as long as i live
hope that makes it clear
Mr. Green
@ muff
would love to read the manual too.
Muff Wiggler
Scott Stites wrote:
In the meantime before the Muffupload, it's here:

Been dying to post that, but I was a-scared of the copyright thing...

ah, beat me to it!

there ya go 8_)
thanks for the learning resource!
Scott Stites wrote:
In the meantime before the Muffupload, it's here:

Been dying to post that, but I was a-scared of the copyright thing...


I think the cover of that might need to be framed and put on the wall in my studio 8_)
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