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Calibration simplification
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Author Calibration simplification
I have been muling over the Volta oscillator calibration thing.
Personally I want my oscillators* calibrated, i.e. scaled with the internal oscillator trimmer(s) to 1/V Oct the best I can get before Volta or any other CV source enters the picture. I realize there are a lot of exceptions to this but personally I see no need to Volta-calibrate every oscillator in a calibrated system as I have described. Calibrate oscillator 1 with Volta and just tune the rest by ear like you would with any other modular patch. Seems way quicker and easier than Volta-calibrating everything which seems unnecessarily tedious after going through the process. Get on to the music makin'.
To me anyway.

*Problem oscillators, Hz/V, Buchla and Vintage systems excluded.
Offer varies by location.
See your dealer for details.
Side affects may vary.
See your doctor if systems persist (not me, I'm a phony doctor, except in certain Quasi-Gynecological Situations).
Offer ends the day before you read this.
Guinness ftw! Guinness ftw! Guinness ftw! Guinness ftw!
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