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The Follower
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Author The Follower
Talk in another thread about about pitch tracking reminded me of the World's Glitchiest Pitch Tracker [TM] - a patch I made on Nord Modular G1 years ago.

And, as you can archive NM patches, I dug around my hard drive and unearthed

The Chant Generator.

The Drone is a processed Board Weevil with reinforcements. The (ahem) "naive" ebow guitar is fed into the G1 and Mr Glitch tries to sing along. He fails mostly. The ebow harmonics confuse him badly but that's kind of the point in this case.

I think the G2 NM incorporated a pitch tracking module. The G1 didn't. You probably guessed that. lol
Great stuff as usual, my friend. You might as well sign me up as a "Fanboi" for your stuff.
Soy Sos
Dope dude! That shit sounds crazy!
Lovely! What is the original thread tittled? I am quite interested in the subject.

bwhittington wrote:
Lovely! What is the original thread tittled? I am quite interested in the subject.

It was this thread here that got me thinking about the old NM patch and perhaps making a virtue out of something not working properly.

@Kent - I won't tell anyone if you don't.

Oh, hang on a sec...... d'oh!
Actually, while I was digging around I found the original track this Nord voice was designed for. It's a pretty horrible recording - it must have been at least 10 years ago, my mixing skillz were zero and I used to have to print tracks and bounce them to keep the track count low enough so that my wheezing PC would stay upright for long enough to get a final mix out of it.

But if you can get past all that, its kind of interesting in that just about everything on the track is Nord Modular related in some way. Apart from the chant system (which sounds more human on this occasion I think), there was a drum processor/enhancer I made that was like a super-steroid injection for weedy boring drum loops (and how I wish I'd recorded it properly) and the filthiest guitar shredder I could work up. At that time I really wanted but couldn't afford a TC Fireworx so the NM had to act as a substitute when I wanted sonic decimation.

So, with all the warnings and apologies out of the way, if you want to check the original use of the patch, it's here.
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