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multiple latching switch chip?
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Author multiple latching switch chip?
Hey there, I just bought me some nice to operate momentary switches that I'd like to use as latching switches. The squarish ones that you can put leds in to indicate on/off status. Surely there must be an IC that has several independently operating flipflops or the like, but I just can't find it. Anybody?
there are plenty.

Do a search for "quad flip-flop" or "hex flip-flop" and you'll turn up a gazillion :-)
Well while reading around I found I likely need some T-type flipflop which I could make out of a CD4013 (I have 2x tc4013bp right here).

The thing is, for now I can easily do with 5 ICs for the 10 switches I want to set up, since I'm really just figuring out how this stuff works. But if this works out the way I want it to, I would love to use them on a bigger scale (more of them in a machine I mean).

I'd like to build a really nice trigger sequencer, meaning 16 steps and 6 (-to 8) rows. that would be 96 (-to 128) switches so half that number of cd4013s. That is just too much for me. Is there perhaps some sort of controller module for this type of situation?

I admit I am simply dreaming away a bit here but I would like to try my hand on such a thing some day. Rigging up 64 cd4013s just wasn't part of the dream...

Oh yeah and please understand my noobness in the whole electronics thing. I have so far completed some MFOS modules and just finished a really simple 8 step sequencer which got me craving for more sequencers. I understand a lot of the stuff I have been doing so far and keep learning from my mistakes. All in all it's real fun stuff.
I believe a 74276 QUADRUPLE J-K FLIP-FLOPS would be a good choice for latching 4 switches. That would cut the work in half, which is great.
my first trigger sequencer was using the baby10 design
so simple, i put it onto a tiny bit of veroboard
this my first sdiy project
i put it in a speaknspell

how about using ken stones gate sequencer design?
pcbs available smile
Yeah I just made a Baby8 actually, couldn't fit more knobs on the box, and ten gets me sequentially confused.

Anyhow I'm going to build more on that design, but with binary clocks and some bitmangling in there. I have a whole load of multiplexers, pots and switches waiting for some spare time.

But I got these fancy switches and would love to have LOTS of them in a panel, making a nice gate/trigger sequencer.
For now I just want to stick these 10 that I have in a small box with 8 faders to make a single line 8 step CV/Gate sequencer. I dont mind having several small sequencers and hope to learn from this experiment, that's all.
Well yeah all of a sudden I started to realise that I would have to put money down for all those pretty expensive switches and that ruined all the fun a bit.
And the chips that look OK to me (and that really doesn't mean anything) are unavailable so far anyway. This seems to be microcontroller stuff I reckon.

It doesn't matter, I'll make those that I do have work and learn a bit from that. I just got a bucketload of plain switches today and these have to go somewhere too.

Thanks for the advice anyway.
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