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voltage control divider or master divider
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Author voltage control divider or master divider
need some advice from yall

im wondering whether to build the voltage controlled divider or the master divider. it will go in a panel with the modulo majic. the module will be called long division hihi

i should probably make it aware that ill also have an analog computer module which has a pulse divider, inverters, comparators etc

so im sort of wondering if going for the master divider is overkill
i would like to have something i can control and it seems like the vcd is not set up for defined voltage dividing, just wild dividing which might be cool but seems like the utility of the module is lacking apart from wild random noise applications

the modules will be amongst a few sequencers, vclfos, vcos, vc-egs etc so i can see a use for lots of dividers. also i like to sit in between just random blips and structured electronic music so control over these devices would be useful

totally stuck


experiences with vcd / master divider?
i am thinking of an analog switch and a simple divider. feed the divisions into the switch, then control the switch. that's how i do it now.
however, my switch is a sequential one. we would need a completely different one. i am currently thinking of this approach: a window comparator for each single analog switch. the comparators are set to cover certain CV windows. a kind of scanner. maybe a ADC would be usable?
i am just thinking loud.
Pulse divider, master divider, vc divider, Ill take all three, thanks thumbs up IMO none of them are a replacement for each other. Even contemplating a second pulse divider.
I've already built two Master Dividers, and just got in two Pulse Divider pcbs as well - they'll be panelized with each other, ie;

Two boards, each with one Pulse Divider AND one Master Divider!
SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!

- like neandrewthal said; neither is a replacement for the other.
wetterberg wrote:
like neandrewthal said; neither is a replacement for the other.

accept the non-native english speaker gots gooder grammar then me.
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