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Yamaha CS-30 Hz Volts working in Cubase 5 vst
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Author Yamaha CS-30 Hz Volts working in Cubase 5 vst
The concept of using sound card as midi to cv is now maturing just nicely.

What was thought impossible is now possible...the un calibrational Yamaha CS-30 Hertz CV synth now works just great with a 7 octave range using:

Silent Way by Expert Sleepers. Have to say the updates keep coming as fast as I send the emails with annoying requests.

Nice to have a developer communicate more hint hint....

CS 30 Video
Hey thanks for posting, A.P. - that's good news and glad to hear that Expert Sleepers are responding so well. I just traded for a Korg MS-20 which hasn't arrived yet. It will be my first Hz/Volt synth. Hopefully Volta will work as well for me! My Mobius seq has a Hz/V out on it too luckily.

Hello dear, nice to meet you.

Maybe you can help me with some of your valuable experience!

I have a Yamaha CS30L and I want to control this easily from my computer with Ableton live but without complex additional hardware like midi/cv converters.

Whereas the Yamaha CS30/CS30L is "Hz / Volt” i would ask if definitely "Silent Way" is a software solution for me?, let me know your feedback or recommendation to understand the basic setup that i need.

Thank you!.

Best regards thumbs up
Hi, since nobody replied to you, I will try to help although I do not use Silent Way myself - however I do some similar stuff with other sw products. I am quite sure you will find Silent Way useful in combination with Live, but you probably need to study the interface requirements here:
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