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problem downloading BugBrand library
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Author problem downloading BugBrand library
sad banana
The download freezes just before it's done. Tried to go around it by downloading the whole frac library, but the Bug-folder had the same problem. I've had no trouble downloading any other collection yet...
That's odd. First I tried rebuilding it but there was still some problem with the collection zip. Any day now I'll be uploading new code for the library and regenerating all the zips. I hadn't been having any trouble with that aspect of it but I've made a new set of BugBrand zips here on my test server, uploaded that and rebundled the Frac collection. Here's the BugBrand zip. I was able to download it without any trouble.

Also... Tom had made a fresh set of images. After I get other work done I'll be updating the BugBrand modules in the library from this newer info.
New Zips!

The BugBrand collection at the module library has been updated with big, sharp, consistent images. The new material is derived from the set of zips Tom made available about a month ago.

Except for one of them I haven't gone through and stuck on texty names so you'll have to remember a wavefolder is a UTL5 etc. I guess I should do that. Right?


Some projects have a way of expanding. These were held up while I finished a new version of the tool I use to integrate contributed modules with the existing library. The old one was designed for batch loading without much subtlety about dealing with what was already in the library. This one lets me tweak things, refers identifiers to replacement modules, etc. A vast improvement though still could use a few refinements.
Great! w00t

Yes, full name would be useful.

My nerd eyes caught this:
"CTL1 early" and "CTL1" should swap pics.
DD1 and UTL1 have rev1 pics (rev2's are missing)
no UTL4 Dual DC Mixer
I miss early versions of ENV1, PRC1, SYN2A
Not really important, but wasn't there a 1fw UTL2 with headphone out?

Guinness ftw!
Thanks! I really couldn't look at it anymore yesterday.

Fixed the CTL1s.

Not sure about the DD1, UTL1. They DO have new large images.

Found the UTL4.

Tom seems to prefer the clarity of just focusing on the current stuff but I could put in some oldy-moldy ones and mark them "early."

Not sure about UTL2.

After the fixes above I refreshed the relevant zips and the zips of zips (a.k.a. collections).

I'll probably add the names later tonight.
Sure, I could add some myself, just wanted to share for clarity smile

DD1 rev2 has an RM/AM switch.
UTL1 rev2 has additional banana input jacks.
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