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Jason Butcher-Don Hassler, abstract electronics
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Author Jason Butcher-Don Hassler, abstract electronics
don h
live improv stuff, some recordings here:
photos here:
Great stuff and a great site. DSM IV indeed !
don h
Thank you!
don h
Continuing just having the instruments do all the work, I've updated
some brand new 200e stuff from today:
Self playing, all.
I added 5 stray same deal Synthi ones from a large batch I've done recently here:
Excellent, I know the what the sound track to my weekend will be wink

I really enjoyed all your previous 200e postings up there.
don h
Wow, thanks!
Lately I've been far happier only building the self play free running work.
Less chance for me to destroy the mood half way in...
I think too it helps that my machines are small and pretty basic, comparatively I guess.
If I'm either careful or lucky, some periodic stuff emerges with the varied.
On the 200e, it's more electronically predictable, but it has all sorts of weird ways it can twist a cv. On the Synthi, it's just lots of modulation and instability. Weirdly, all these pieces seem to feel related, at least to me.
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