Dangers / Concerns with Buchla 200e & Serge Integration?

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Dangers / Concerns with Buchla 200e & Serge Integration?

Post by drewskee » Mon Aug 10, 2009 9:34 am

Not sure if this has been discussed here prior (likely) but I'd like to ask where the points of concern are regarding cross patching Serge and 200e seeing as Serge sends out both bipolar and unipolar (0 -+10v) and 200e is (0- +10v only).

Also, are there issues sending 200e CV outs (SOU, Quad Function) to the Serge or CV FROM the Serge to CV inputs on the 200e (SOU Rate etc)

Lastly, assuming the Serge ground is hooked to the 200e banana ground jack, if I create some passive attenuators and to a ground to one of these ground points, is there any need to use diodes on the output of the attenuator to keep things from going backwards etc?

Thanks for any feedback (no pun intended!)...:hmm:

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Post by ndkent » Mon Aug 10, 2009 11:27 am

Well the Buchla bus boards I've seen have a banana ground out the top of the case so it should just need that connection to the serge PSU or wherever your serge ground is. Both ends are common grounded so the attenuator won't be an issue ungrounded.

I don't think you need anything fancy if you DIY some attenuators... the going backwards problem I'd think would just occur is you try to mix with attenuators.

I've mostly been using my systems separately, but I'd think a multi-input voltage mixer as a sort of interface would work well. You could do things like add + voltage to move everything into the positive (or vice verasa with negative voltage), combine 2 multed pitch CVs and attenuate one to get 1.2v/oct, etc.

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