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Success with 828mk2/Blacet and a question about latency
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Author Success with 828mk2/Blacet and a question about latency
In case anyone is curious, Volta plays nicely with Blacet VCOs. The Oakley Superladder calibrates fine also. I haven't had any success with the Blacet micro LFO (as a VCO) yet. BTW, I'm using the 828mk2 with a RME FF800 as an aggregate device.

I have a question about the latency introduced by the DA/AD round trip in Volta. Obviously there's no way for Volta to know and report it to the DAW for automatic delay compensation. How are folks dealing with it, specifically in Live and Logic? I can delay all the tracks (in Live) except Volta, but that seems clumsy. Adding a negative track delay to Volta doesn't seem to work like I would expect. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Try this
Thanks! That's exactly what I needed.
Hmmm, looks like I spoke too soon, before actually trying it. oops The latency fixer plugin is adding more latency in both logic and live. I tried putting it as an insert on the same channel as volta and then bouncing the audio to check latency. I also tried the latency plug on other channels to see if that would do something useful.

I'm probably doing something stupid here but I can't seem to figure out what very frustrating Is it possible that using an aggregate audio device is the culprit? Sorry for wasting Volta bandwidth on something that's only vaguely related. I just want my modular to play in time with everything else!
Just to be clear, are we talking about syncing up tracks during playback, or are you trying to play some of them live? The latency fixer only addresses issues of latency during playback, when the host's latency compensation comes into play.

What the latency fixer plug-in does it to report to the host that it has latency, even though it hasn't. This, if the host supports it, causes the host to render that track early. Most people are using it to deal with latencies caused by round trips out to hardware effects processors (and often in Logic, it seems, which still doesn't do this natively). Live's own External Audio Effect device has this functionality built-in.

I'm not a Volta user so I'm not 100% sure how it works but I get the impression that it bypasses the host's audio routing and sends CVs directly to your audio interface, while returning the synth's audio via the plug-in's outputs. If that's the case, then Latency Fixer won't work with it, since it has no way to affect what's sent directly to the interface.

It would be an interesting experiment to try this with Expert Sleepers Silent Way, which routes the CVs through the host and leaves it up to you to set up an audio channel to receive the synth. Putting the Latency Fixer on the same track as the Silent Way Voice Controller ought to cause it to render slightly early, which appears to be what you want.

Alternatively, if you're feeding MIDI notes into Volta, just put the MIDI on a separate track and put a slight negative delay on that.
It's during playback. I know there's no way to compensate for latency playing live short of playing a bit early. Shifting midi ahead like you suggested essentially does the same thing. I've successfully used Live's external instrument to compensate for latency with external hardware--too bad volta doesn't have something like this built in. Wouldn't it be fairly easy to calculate during calibration?

I think the problem lies in the fact that we're dealing with multiple channels of CV out and a separate sidechain in. If I/O were on one channel then the latency plug should work just like the built-in one in live. I probably need to use more than one instance of the latency fixer, possibly with different values on input and output channels. Will try it later. Now I need to go back to sleep!
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