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playing a couple knobs
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Author playing a couple knobs
Come on baby, twisting the knight away...

FM, LPGs, you know the drill. Made a nice little FM patch, from wood to chimes to growls with a few knob twists. This is what I ended up with after a lot of much worse noise that was disgarded.

The drums annoy me most the time, but the MD is triggering the modular.
Sounds really great!

OK, check this out! Forgive me, I really like this and mean no offence to your fine work!

I had started to listen to your peice then I was reading the Moog forum and clicked a link from someone who may or maynot have been spamming the group for this cute singer/songwriter. after your peice had been playing about 1:30 or so and then I had them both playing at the same time and . . . I kinda really like it! Listen all the way to the end! screaming goo yo SlayerBadger! d'oh! meh woah sad banana Rockin' Banana! MY ASS IS BLEEDING twisted very frustrating

OK, I'd better go to bed . . .
That actually does sounds kinda cool, the tempo and key are real close too. Maybe it's my destiny to work with her. Mr. Green

You may have given me some things to try with this track, if only I could sing...
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