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this is probably going to make me out to be an idiot
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Author this is probably going to make me out to be an idiot
but oh well,

so I bought a ribbon controller a while back as part of a scheme to get a polyphonic touch sensitive microtonal interface going on my big fucking plan was first get the R2M, then when I was good enough at playing it buy a Hi Pi Tuning Box and plug them together bam instant crazyness!

Instant craziness indeed let this serve as an object lesson to y'all, read the fucking product descriptions carefuly if you have to buy on spec and especially when nobody you know even has a clue about synths.

So I got the R2M, no polyphony possible, no biggie right? It's still fun as shit to play and twice as useful. Then a week ago I ordered my tuning box thinking monophonic Bholen Pierce is still Bholen Pierce right??? right???

ok so I got it today and tried first to re-tune my evolver sequencer, evolver is my main compositional instrument I do everything with this thing I'm such a fool for this synth I went out and bought a second one.

ok so I'm REALLY excited about the tuning possibillities of this thing it's like the dream qualtizer I wish someone would make for eurorack.

I plug it in and goes all stupid on me so I go to the website and look up the compatibillity chart, the only DSI it's compatible with is the MEK. FUCK ME! ok I figure maybe I can try using it with my R2M? I plug it in and then send midi thru to an Evolver and it goes all wonkly, yes wonkley as in so wonky I had to add another letter for dramatic effect.


Ok it's not a lost cause I have synths I can use it with just none of the ones I bought it to work with.

yes I'm an idiot. very frustrating
Looks like the Hi-Pi needs a multi-timbral instrument to work polyphonically, theoretically you should be able to get 2 voice polyphony with 2 evolvers, on different midi channels

I think you should be able to use the ribbon with the Hi-Pi but you'd need to make sure it was quantised to note only (b), using 12 Tone, otherwise the R2M will also be sending pitch bend tuning messages
I got it working right today I needed to switch the midi recieve from ALL to Program Only. Microtonal sequencer!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Sound Boy King
It'd be great if you could post some clips of what this sounds like at some point - really interesting idea...

Do you think a ribbon controller would be able to work with a drum machine to create insanity aleatoric beat-madness?
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