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[audio] Incommunicado (freq shifter, delay, etc)
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Author [audio] Incommunicado (freq shifter, delay, etc)
Hello friends. It sure has been a while since I posted some recordings... I've slowly been rebuilding my studio (been really busy with boring stuff like working) and now it's finally up and running - still a lot to fix though.

Live improv on a prepared patch. Started off as a test to hear the SYN2Bx sing, but it grew every time I stood in front of it.
It's a relatively big patch (about 60 patch cables), with plenty of variation. Been playing with it for quite some time, and finally recorded it - I need to move on!
The main stars are: SYNBx Frequency Shifter, UTL6A Passive Switches, PRC1 PT Delay


realy great sounds Knyst. I always enjoy your work.

Guinness ftw!
lovely track.
makes me impatient for the next batch of freq shifters!

(i embedded it for you)
dan_p wrote:
realy great sounds Knyst. I always enjoy your work.

Guinness ftw!

Same here!
lovely stuff, this is very close to what I thought mum would be like from what I read about them. I will have to come back to this over the coming winter months to brighten my mood
Great patch! Slightly embarrassed to post my own freq shift mess now but will anyway... lol
You guys Hug
Good to be back.
It's one of those patches which comes out very different each time playing it, so I had some trouble picking the right recording of it.
Thank you for listening.
I had a proper listen last night and loved it!
Deep & rich sounds = yum.
Cheers, Lord O' Bugs.

d'oh! Just realised I forgot to tell I hid a bloody NoiseRing in this patch...
Sorry for the impurity zombie

carry on Mr. Green
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