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MS-812 V1.1 Firmware update available
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Author MS-812 V1.1 Firmware update available
The MS-812 gets a firmware update.
It took time, but there it is w00t

What does it bring?
- There are additional division ratios for the clocks
- There is a proper retriggering capability
- And a slight improvement for even tighter performance under heavy loads

How to get it?
If you applied the latest V1.0 update from the Alyseum web site, you only need to install the CopperLan V1.1 package while your is MS-812 connected. That will upgrade it automatically.
See the CopperLan web site for their package.

Warning: exclamation
Do not install the CopperLan v1.1 package if you have not done the last V1.0 upgrade from the Alyseum web site. Your MS-812 will not upgrade to 1.1 !
See details in the Upgrade package on the Alyseum website.


how to know that we have 1.0 ?

"...V1.0 update from the Alyseum web site"

where is it ?.. oh instruction here.
links are usefull.

if like me you have hard time finding the version of copperlan you have look at this :

so now. it says in the procedure : Download and install a complete CopperLan V1.0 package from (this will overwrite the V1.1 version).

where do i find CopperLan V1.0 package ? there's no archive on copperlan download page (1.3 is the oldest) n-package-v1-3

looks like a marathon.
more people having same problem here :
2 years ago ... still trying to update.

please send links to firmware and clear info on how to proceed
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