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Possible screenings?
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Author Possible screenings?
ben jah men
Who can I contact about setting up some type of screening when this is finished?
Lucasfilm, er, Disney hihi

Seriously though, I bet there are some wigglers with film experience that could make some recommendations. I think Scooter McCrae is or was involved in film. You might PM him.
PM me with details. My friend and I have a feature that has been screening in theaters around the country this year. He took care if all the screening stuff and I'm sure he'd be happy to share the info.
ben jah men
w00t I'm confused?

I work for a theater... I want to contact the film makers so we can play their film when it is finished.

s o l v e n t

I'm the producer for "I Dream of Wires". You can contact me via , or PM me here.

In case others read this and are wondering the same thing, I should say that we are probably going to end up with a distributor handling this stuff, so once we get that set up I can put you in touch.


ben jah men
computer controlled
This would be perfect to show at the Decibel Festival here in Seattle.
noise brigade
Hyde Park Picture House (Leeds UK

They show independent films
s o l v e n t
Thanks but I'm not pursuing screenings at this time. Hoping to premiere IDOW at a major film fest and ultimately picking up a distributor to take care of this stuff, so we can work on another film!
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