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Drone - experimenting with short delay times and feedback
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Author Drone - experimenting with short delay times and feedback
Blackened Justice
Okay, I was just experimenting with some BBD type sounds, and came up with this rather nice drone. The delay is set to about 3ms on both channels, and feedback is gradually turned up on each channel. Cross-feedback is kept at maximum during the whole thing, I think. Around 1:07 and 1:17, I turn the delay off on each channel, so you get a glimpse of the unprocessed signals. I also tweak some filters and stuff.

The original signals themselves are quite complex. They consist of 3 crossmodding saw VCOs, 2 of which are put into a ringmodulator, and the amount of each vco at the ringmodulator's input is being controlled by a S&H unit with a noise input. Then the ringmod signal is taken to a VCA. The second signal takes the output from the ringmod and puts it through a low pass and a notch filter. The LP is modded by an envelope and slightly by an LFO, who is being FM'd by the beforementioned S&H. Then the output of the notch goes to VCA2. Then each VCA is run into the dual delay.

Anyway, here it is and I hope you enjoy it.
Soy Sos
It sounds really nice and shimmery. Like it!
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Blackened Justice
Thank you! Glad you liked it ;D
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