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Lainhart Workshop/Performance @ ElectronicaFest 2009, 9/5/09
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Author Lainhart Workshop/Performance @ ElectronicaFest 2009, 9/5/09
Friends: on Saturday, September 5, I'll be giving a workshop and performing with my Buchla 200e system at Electronica Fest 2009, sponsored by the National Electronics Museum in Linthicum, MD, dedicated to the History of the Nation's Defense Electronics.

Featuring workshops given by our musicians throughout the day on the technology they use in their on stage performances - learn how they do it and talk to them one-on-one. Experience hands-on workshops about cool musical instruments like the Theremin and Vocoder. Learn how you can create music on your computer at home using software syntheses. Sign up for a hands-on workshop to create a simple electronic music instrument from PAiA Corp. that you can build, play and take home with you when you leave. Learn how to solder and build a Theremin by Harrison Instruments.

Join us for a day of knob-twisting, circuit-bending and free-form sound and music experimentation as performers explore the very edge of electronic music. This will be an event filled with the sounds of electronic keyboards, handmade electronic instruments and exotic modular synthesizer systems.

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