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Emu Morpheus Factory ROM sounds in .mid format?
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Author Emu Morpheus Factory ROM sounds in .mid format?
has anybody got a copy of the Morpheus factory presets in .mid format. I've picked one up but I see a number of the RAM presets have been overwritten with the RAM prests and there are a few of the RAM ones I'd like to get having heard some demos.

Can anyone point to a source or can some kind soul provide me with the .mid file?

edit, I meant RAM of course d'oh!
I had a Morpheus at one time and I think i have what you ask... I'll have a look tomorrow to see if I can find them....
hi, quick message as I'm having problems posting - many thanks for the offer - I really appreciate it - I think I've sorted it. I found a sysex file and then a utility to convert to midi - it seems to have worked despite telling me it's corrupted and I have the factory RAM patches loaded. again, many thanks!
Hi there!
I got a Morpheus the other day but unfortunately all RAM presets are scrambled. I already searched the internet for a .mid or .syx file with the original RAM presets but no luck.
Anyone could help me?
Thank you in advance!
Hi great synth you got there.

Why not do a factory reset? From memory it's just holding down two of the buttons at startup. You then get lots of utility options and can run a diagnostic check.
Silflay Hraka
supersuper wrote:
Hi great synth you got there.

Why not do a factory reset? From memory it's just holding down two of the buttons at startup. You then get lots of utility options and can run a diagnostic check.

Hold both cursor keys as you power on and you'll get into the utility menu.
Scroll to # 16 - initialize

If you need the original presets in .syx Polynominal has it on their Morpheus page tml

Some other preset banks in .syx here
supersuper Silflay,

thank you for your suggestions!
My problem is solved thanks to your help!

Yes the Morpheus seems to be a really powerful machine. But I guess it will take a long time before I will be able to master it.
Do you have any suggestion? How do you approach programming it? Which is the most striking feature in your opinion?

I am very impressed by some filters but many sound very similar to my ear. I have the sensation that it's very important to combine the "right" waveform with the "right" filter to achieve an interesting result but this is very time consuming since there are so many waveforms and so many filters.
hi, I was the OP and have now had the Morpheus for a while. I've not made too much headway but then I spent most of my time on other gear.

I agree alot of the filters sound the same. Another issue is that I don't think you can get it to morph from one filter set to another? I'm not sure about that - I read it a couple of times but I thought I can hear some morphing on some sounds without touching the mod wheel.

One of my problems was using a very old editor called Morph Edit. It has all sorts of quirks - like for example I have to turn off my midi router off and on for it to work - and a number of other things. (If you get it let me know and I'll post my notes)

Having said that I have got some weird and wonderful sounds from it - you can do a sort of wave sequencing type thing with it - it's limited but if you set it up right it can do some interesting things.

Yes, I understood the "theory" of morphing but for now my ears cannot really grasp it. Maybe there are some filter types that make this more evident. I don't know... I am still a beginner... :-)

I have 2 questions that maybe can be answered by someone who has experience with this instrument:

1) There is a mono mode but I cannot have the envelopes re-triggered when playing legato. Is there a trick or something I didn't get?

2) Is there a way to have a random value produced at every key-press? I know that there is a random wave for the LFO and a random mode in the function generator (I still don't know exactly what all the parameters of the function generator do) but I can't find a way to have a random value generated at every key-press.

Any Morpheus Guru out there?

EDIT: I found an answer to my question #1 and it's in the manual: "In either solo mode, if a new note is played while another is being held, the envelope generators do not retrigger and the sample remains in the loop."
Pity, I liked the idea of a solo mode with re-trigger.
Sorry to come to this late.
Regarding legato/solo mode.
It is really annoying that there is a small glitch to the sound with each note I play when I play legato in solo mode.

For example, I made a simple patch as follows.
I turn non-transpose on, so all the notes have the same pitch.
I use a generic instrument such as triangle.
I choose wind or synth solo mode.
Now when I hold down one note and play the other notes, the pitch is constant, but there is a small bump to the amplitude with each note I play.

Has anyone experienced this, and does anyone have a workaround? It makes it impossible to do a smooth legato solo.

(The long story is that I'd like to control it with an EWI, and the mod matrix is powerful enough to set up some nice things, but it's hopeless if the legato is not smooth.)
Dave Peck
This could be caused by a couple of things in the patch setting:

1. Check the envelope settings and verify that the sustain level is set to MAX, so there is no brief attack + decay at the start of the note.

2. Verify that midi velocity and other control signals are not being routed to anything that controls the volume. This can cause each new note to have a slightly different volume.
Thanks! Yes, all note-on modifiers are off. The filter is null. And with sustain set to max, it still happens.

In fact, with sustain set lower, and a long decay, I can hear that the amplitude envelope is not retriggering with each note in solo mode. The legato notes get gradually quieter according to the decay length. However, each note still causes a brief bump -- not a bump up to the initial amplitude but a bump nonetheless. It's this bump that it annoying.
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