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Anyone know how to reach Bill from The Syle??
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Author Anyone know how to reach Bill from The Syle??
Soy Sos
I've been trying to reach this guy about return of my Velcro Fuzz I sent in for repair back at the end of March this year. The last I've heard back from him was May. I know it's the same old story, one man operation makes cool stuff, has some kind of life changes and can't keep up on support of stuff he has out there. I'm not interested in making any trouble for him, he really is a nice guy, but it's been a while and I want my shit back. Bla bla bla.......
This is the email I communicated with in the past:
Soy Sos
bumpity bumb bumb?
I'm in the same boat. I sent him my Sun for a repair back in April and the last time I talked to him was in early August. He told me he was having trouble with his email and that he would send me my pedal soon. I haven't received it yet and all of my attempts to contact him seem to be useless. I hope he isn't dead
Soy Sos
Anyone? Bill? The Syle? Reach him?
Hmm thats odd, I sold a 'syle Green filter' recently, and an interested buyer who missed the sale went on to buy a blemished unit for cheap from the owner.

I'll send him a PM on talkbass and ask how he got contacted the guy and let you know if I get a number or email. Hope you can get your pedal back!
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