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ZIMM03: New tube modulemodule for Buchla (new vid 16th Dec)
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Author ZIMM03: New tube modulemodule for Buchla (new vid 16th Dec)
Hi my friends,

some of you already read the short discussion about my new ZIMM03 Zerosum Inertia ModuleModule in the banana picture thread.

Now i had a little playtime with it and here comes a little video with the ZIMM03 in a skylab:

Thanks to Brian for another great module SlayerBadger!
whoa! REALLY nice tones here w00t w00t w00t
djangosfire wrote:
whoa! REALLY nice tones here w00t w00t w00t

+1. Is it a Haxor with extra jacks on it?
mecanikill wrote:
djangosfire wrote:
whoa! REALLY nice tones here w00t w00t w00t

+1. Is it a Haxor with extra jacks on it?

Yes, basically it is a Haxor ModuleModule for Buchla with banana cv, a tiny jax mult and an additional 6.3mm out jack!

Cool stuff and unlimited tones from phat to crazy nanners
Das ist Fat Tones !!!
Lyonel wrote:
Das ist Fat Tones !!!

Merci beaucoup!

Sound is recorded direct to cam. No external FX!
259e is the only oscillator used. At the end of the video you can hear the original 259e outs on one channel and the ZIMM03 out on the other channel.
This is really great. thumbs up I can almost chew on the tastyness.

I have some Zerosum Inertia Modules. I'll have to make some videos this weekend when I get some time!
this simply sounds great we're not worthy
Love it! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!
Thanks mates, i appreciate this. we're not worthy
And thanks to Brian for such a special Modulemodule nanners
After i had more time with the ZIMM03 i have to say that this is like part mixer and part ringmodulator. But without the metallic sounds a ringmod usually delivers. It sounds more like a crazy waveshaper. First i was seriously, i just don't get it and then i was all love

I works best with slowly modulated VCAs for the two input signals. That gives you wonderful slowly changing structures. If you add a TUBE VCA like the ZIMM01 after the output of the ZIMM03 you can add some (modulated) overdrive. This is what i did in the video. That phattens up every input! A great addition to the Buchla world SlayerBadger!

Anyway, here is what Brian and Eric have to say about the ZIMM03:
de_raaf wrote:

Thanks a lot mate!
I love the sound of the 259e mangled with this little tube module more and more every time i use it SlayerBadger!
rich, fat and sumptuous! thumbs up thanks for sharing! w00t
ZIMM modules controlled by a 266e:
@weinglas: i'm really lovin' the fat sounds your getting with the 259e/ZIMM03 combo!

@metasonix: Woah 266e controlling the Zimm Modules rocks hard
Thanks my friends! we're not worthy

The video that Eric posted shows Brian (Zerosum Inertia) modulating a ZIMM01, ZIMM02 and ZIMM04 (prototype) with the Buchla source of uncertainty, and getting hard rocking sounds MY ASS IS BLEEDING

The ZIMM04 will definitely be my next ZIMM love This will bring "Rocking the Buchla" to the next level nanners

And it will work wonderful together with the ZIMM03.
Brian now has the ZIMM03 website online:
New Video with ZIMM03 and Buchla Skylab and some more more dissonant sounds: Hidden in the Cable Jungle!

^ Guess the last video needs a bit of explanation: The pitch of mod and primary oscillator of the 259e is controlled by to different Sample and Hold signals from the 267e. Both outs are going to the ZIMM03 and over the 292e to the 206e. You can hear the original sounds as percussive voices panned a bit left and right. And the ZIMM03 plays the lead voice at the center.

Not only the pitch, but also the sound of the Lead voice changes with the pitch intervals of the two oscillators of the 259e. That makes the "dissonant" sounding ZIMM03 lead voice and is the best way to show that this module does not just mix the input signals and adds a bit of overdrive. It changes the input sounds to a new one!
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