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Buchla Interview
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Author Buchla Interview
Just stumbled across this. Sorry if it's a repost.
Yeah I saw this on Stretta's blog a while back. A cool interview, if not a little difficult to watch... The interviewer got on my nerves very quickly! The MSN Smack!
parasitk wrote:
The interviewer got on my nerves very quickly! The MSN Smack!

Yeah I had to really struggle through that too, but it was worth it.
i edited the audio interview down to about 30 mins getting rid or the stupid comments and having to reword every the end it was a cool interview
amnesia wrote:
i edited the audio interview down to about 30 mins …

Re-post, please?
whilst some interviews are awkward redbull academy do a good job imo
i have watched a good proportion of the lectures there and have learnt something from most

i really wanted to go to the academy, i wish i didnt have to work otherwise i would apply. ive had friends who were chosen and it seems to push them off in good directions
Some of the questions that guy asked were... uhh... "special".
Don's on form though, thye interviewer seems stoned

its really not bad though

can anyone tell me how to download it?

goto the redbull site and it gives you the option to download in different formats or read transcript
Some of the questions that guy asked were... uhh... "special".

i'll say.... "Mom, I built a ring modulator" applause
wow that guy is stupid. I can't even look at him if I'm going to listen to the interview, Don's got a lot of patience to do this. You think for a music academy they'd have more intelligent questions to ask.
thanks though for the interview
i've said this before about the interview- it reminds me a bit of what would happen of Ali G interviewed Buchla.
xpander wrote:
i've said this before about the interview- it reminds me a bit of what would happen of Ali G interviewed Buchla.

you know I was just thinking the same thing. I want to but I just can't sit through it.
At least Ali G would be taking the piss on purpose!

I do agree with Luka, they RBMA lectures are great, But... & its a but with a capital B.

Its cool to have a relaxed, informal kind of set-up, its just the hosts / interviewers are 9 times outta 10... goons! One I watched the guy started smoking despite it obviouslly being offputting to the guest.. wtf!

& you'd think with the pool RBMA has to draw on they could find people who are either interested or knowledgable enough to not make a mess of it, you know, you have Don Buchla on, you'd think you'd have a basic set of questions prepared, I mean, don't sit there going thru a list or anything... but prepared enough not to be mumbling a non-question which leaves the guest kinda dumbfounded & confussed as to what hes just been asked!

the transcripts suck balls as well, I swear they are just there for lazy bloggers to cut n paste but they are fucking off-key srsly, its a shit job to do, but, again, with the application process, the size & scope of what RBMA do you'd think they could find people who are both willing & competant!

makes me sour on the whole thing...
Am I right that there is no talk about the 200e series? I must admit that I did use a lot af fast-forwarding so I could have missed it.
Don mentions the 200e but I don't think the "interviewer" even knew what the hell Don was renowned for.

Seriously I shouldn't be surprised I tend to be incredulous of anything so sprnsored by a corportaion that it has attached the name and logo to it's product: McDonalds Childrens Charities, Red Bull Music Academy, Vans Warped Tour, it's all just a massive cash grab. Though on the subject of RBMA lectures I liked the talk Tom Oberheim gave there of course he didn't have some knob "interviewing" him. Journalism is a passion of mine so bad interviews kind of piss me off.
i dont really want to defend them but...

redbull select about 100 young musicians / music industry kids and fly them from all around the world and house them for a few weeks to attend this conference / tuition / gigs for free. awesome artists and technicians are brought in from all walks of music industry to mentor and elaborate on experience and they film a good proportion of the lectures for everybody to watch. even if redbull get to put banners up in the lectures and gigs i dont see how this can benefit them more than it does all the selected students and poeple who just sit at home and watch the lectures

that guy running the questions is a music journalist not a technical musician or a electronic engineer so hence why he had no idea about 200e or any specific modules. they probably just got him in because they had moog in before he passed to give the full story of East and West USA synths
well to be fair I don't know much about RBMA and I'm cynical but if that guy's a journalist I'll eat my hat... and I have a big hat.
if he were a real journalist (no matter what the field) he would have done his home work. you don't go into an interview that unprepared and obvoiusly stoned unless your Hunter S Thompson and the Good Dr. Gonzo is long dead now, besides even when Thompson did it he still had enough of a brain to do his job adequately well and make the rest into a sort of object lesson/comedy thing which worked most of the time. I don't think this joker was much of anything except stoned and tragically unprepared for the interview, besides that he looked like a kid, I mean like a little kid pretending to be a journalist it was so tragic that when I was trying to watch the interview I had to just listen to the audo and pretend he was being interviewed by a more intelligent Ali G.
the Stephen mallinder interview is good. he comes across like a typical sheffield lad, no airs and graces at all. Caberet Voltaire were a huge influence on me back in the day - like a poor mans stockhausen, especially before they could afford proper synths - glad he's aged gracefully...

the interviewer is a bit "New York, wow..." but she knows what she's talking about

Don Buchla is brilliant, but listening to the audio without the pictures I could swear he's being interviewed by Bruno.... Still well worth it-the NASA stuff is really interesting.
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