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happy "olidaze from
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Author happy "olidaze from
Been a while since I've posted here but has been bubbling along with bending and noise in 2012. A few updates for those interested:

The Biggest change is I am heading towards custom orders and pedals only in 2013. The Feed Back Synth will no longer be a regularly stocked item but you can still order them with your choice of custom graphics. The Mini Feedback synth can also be ordered for a bit cheaper. Email direct for more details.

I have a few discount Juicy Wahs and one fully modded Disturbo DS1 in stock. I'll still be doing mods and selling news ones as well but if you want to save some cabbage drop me a line and I'll send you the stock list with prices.

Full product info and pics up at:

Finally a brief audio demo of a Speak and Deth coughinh up a hairball:


I have some raw speaks in stock for modding as well.

Thanks for your patronage this year and see you in 2013!!
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