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Author EYE OF GOD!
I just bought a Devi Ever Eye of God pedal but I've never actually heard any demos other than the one of the super Mieser pedal which is an eye of God crossed with the Soda Mieser. Does anyone have just a regular Eye of God? are there any audio demos on muff of this thing I bought I'd like to hear it and maybe get some ideas on how to use it with my Little Boy Blue

The Eye of God is just a feedback loop with opto controller, isn't it? So, it's not really going to sound like anything until you stick a second pedal in the loop. Then it will sound like that pedal going squeeeee in a feedback loop.
shamann wrote:
The Eye of God is just a feedback loop with opto controller, isn't it?

Yep, that's right. Put a couple pedals in the loop, particularly a delay. If you're going to try the LBB, plug its output to the EOG input and the EOG output to the LBB input. There's probably a little more LBB patching necessary to get an actual feedback loop going, but that's where you'd start.

Feedback loops are the greatest. If you really enjoy the EOG, consider looking at picking up (or making) a matrix mixer. I'm lazily/slowly working on one myself currently.

I've got a few other pedals in my busking rig I want to try like a Carbon Copy and Distortion opto controller was the reason I bought it I want another way to control the sound. One of my favourite things to do is use a mic to control the sound of the LBB making feedback using the busking amp and envelope follower it's lots of fun I've goten it to make all sorts of wild sounds even some that sound like whale song.
listening to the demo up on youtube again and I think I've got just what I was hoping for. Thanks Felix.

I wonder what this would be like through a Stilton... feedback loop within a feedback loop... I need some stilton and I don't mean the mouldy cheese
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