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Buzzing Noise on Ekdahl Moisturizer
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Author Buzzing Noise on Ekdahl Moisturizer
I was in the studio tonight and kept hearing this faint buzzing so I started muting everything and discovered it was the Moisturizer. I picked up the unit and tried turning it around in the air and when I tilt it certain ways the buzz gets quieter and louder.

What do I need to get to fix this problem? Do those hum eliminators work on something like this or are the springs picking up interference?

I tried switching between balanced cables and unbalanced. I took it to a different part of the room and still buzzes.

Is this just the nature of spring reverbs or do I have a problem here?
flip your springs so that the pickup is on the left side.
There is a lot of gain in the recovery amplifier of a spring reverb unit. Any interference in the air can be demodulated in your wiring, spring or circuitry and at that point, it is a signal like any other.

Does the noise go away when you disconnect the input from the device? If so, look at your signal chain pre-Moisturizer. If not, then it is more than likely in the Moisturizer. You may have to relocate it.
Ok I did find a part on the wire going to the spring tank that is bent and you can actually see the wire going through. I think this is the cause so I emailed Karl and he is sending me a new spring tank so hopefully this will fix it. I really love the sound it produces (minus the buzzing of course) and the price is nice for a new real spring reverb unit with an analog filter!
Ok this unit is prone to too much interference for my needs...

What else out there sounds like this as far as JUST pure spring reverb? It does have a very rich and full sound and what else would give this to me?
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