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Zerotronics Mini LE - MONO (new run!)
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Author Zerotronics Mini LE - MONO (new run!)
Just a heads up...
Ralph from Zerotronics is doing a new small run of MONO Mini LE's.
Its a great chance to get a very unique spring reverb for a very reasonable price. FYI the ones he has on this site describe the STEREO versions.

If you can live without CV control but like to play with sends and get creative on your mixer, all of the zerotronics units go hand in hand with analog modular and are one step above what anyone else is doing with springs.
i've had a regular stereo mini le as my only reverb for over a year now (number 022), it's a lovely sounding unit. i usually run it stereo, but recently have been using it as two separate mono reverbs.

like you say it's best to have some eq for both before and after the reverb for getting a wider palette of sounds. the mic pre you pair it with will also affect the tone.
Regular LE owner hefe.
I had a mono but bought a stereo later.
Great sounding reverb in a small package!
Don't let the passive nature of any of the Zerotronics units put you off.
Look at it as choice. 50% of the time I use a sub $99 Bheringer! OR the sends on a cheap tascam digital recorder...Why? I can do better feedback tricks with cheap mixers! w00t

If you want to get all exotic with higher end pre's to get your sound in/out its also your choice! You can change the sound so many ways with passive units both on the input and output! (I'm a fan of hitting them hard on the output!)
that's why i use a passive eq too (thermionic culture pullet), can't beat passive electronics (guitar pickups, turntable cartridges etc).
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